Why Is Everyone Moving to Idaho?

Why Is Everyone Moving to Idaho?


Recently, it seems as if everyone is moving to Idaho. Idaho is among the fastest growing states in the nation. Websites from Forbes to Jetsetter acclaim Boise and surrounding areas as a top spot to visit and move to. Ask anyone in the Treasure Valley and they will tell you about the influx of people moving to the area (whether they like it or not).

Job Opportunity

Idaho has a growing and attractive job market. There is a need for business employees and specialized jobs in agriculture and medicine. Younger movers are drawn to job opportunities to achieve more from themselves and support a family. According to zippia.com, the three fastest growing jobs in Idaho are Web Developer, Stylist, and Home Health Aid.


Idaho is one of the safest places in the country to live. SafeWise.com shows that Idaho’s violent crime rate is drastically lower than the national rate, 2.3 incidents per 1000 compared to 3.7 per 1000. People feel safe walking the streets and have decreased fear of a home invasion.

Cost of living

Idaho’s cost of living is 7.8 lower than the national average. Many amenities are cheaper in Idaho as well. Residents of Boise can enjoy services of a large city without the massive cost. Additionally, Idaho’s tax burden is decently more relaxed than the national average.

The Outdoors

If you love to hike, camp, mountain bike, ski , hunt or do anything in the outdoors – you will love Idaho. Many people are moving to Idaho for the beautiful mountains and outdoors available all throughout the state. Idaho features some of the best skiing, hunting and hiking in the country. You can camp in McCall, sky in Sun Valley, and hike Ball mountain while enjoying beautiful landscapes all around you. Countless people who move to Idaho are impressed by the wonderful outdoor experiences available in the state.


The climate in Idaho is balanced and pleasant. The summers are warm and inviting without being too unbearably hot. In the winters there is good snowfall but the temperatures are not too frigid. Springtime in Idaho is beautiful and lively. Autumn is crisp and breezy. These conditions do depend on where you live; however. Eastern and Norther Idaho can be much colder then Boise.

Many of those who are coming to  beautiful Idaho for a place to slow down and raise families. They are attracted to the safe and friendly community but do not have to sacrifice big-city amenities or job opportunities. Perhaps after all, Idaho is not just seen as the “Potato State”

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