What’s the Weather Like in Boise, Idaho?

What’s the Weather Like in Boise, Idaho?

Idaho weather


One thing that makes Boise so popular is its equal amount of 4 seasons, none of which are very extreme. Boiseans enjoy more than 200 days of sunshine out of the year, with only a few of those days passing 100 degrees. And in the winter months, you won’t have to endure weeks of subzero temperatures. Instead you can comfortably enjoy a white Christmas and play in the snow—nothing a little hot chocolate can’t warm up.

All of Boise’s weather averages are nice and pleasant:

Spring weather in Idaho

Spring Average:

Temperature: 51.5°F

Rainfall: 1.4 in

Spring in Idaho is so refreshing. After a long Winter, all those trees that Idaho is known for start to blossom. The days become longer and the skies become brighter. As the weather warms up, the snow turns to rain and sunshine. the air is a perfect temperature for hikes, walks through downtown, or playing in the park.

Summer Average:

Temperature: 72.7°F

Rainfall: 0.7 in

One thing that I love about Summer in Idaho is that it’s never too hot! I’ve lived here my whole life and the heat has never been too much. When I was little, I would play on the lawn in the sprinklers or go to the water park with friends. There are plenty of places to go camping and you can trust that the weather will be nice! It even pays off to design an exquisite patio for friends and family to enjoy on social nights.

Fall Average:

Temperature: 52.6°F

Rainfall: 1.4 in

The best thing about Fall in Idaho is the crisp air and colorful falling leaves everywhere you go! The parks turn into rainbows of red and orange. The leaves crunch under your feet as you walk your dog, warmed only by a light jacket. You can take the kids to pumpkin patches or corn mazes and enjoy the cooling weather without them getting too chilly. Idaho is simply beautiful in Fall.

Winter Average:

Temperature: 32.8°F

Rainfall: 1.6 in

Average annual snowfall: 19 in

Idaho has gorgeous Winters. In my opinion, we get the perfect amount of snow. The kids usually get at least one snow day off of school every year, which is a fun time for them. You can go sledding, skiing, or stay warm inside by the fire. The people in Idaho are already so nice, but they’re especially nice when they’re in the Christmas spirit. And you can live close to all the stores you need for your Christmas shopping!

One of the best things about living in Idaho is that we get to experience an equal amount of all four seasons, and none of them have weather that’s too extreme! They all have their perks and all are equally beautiful in their own way. Idaho has so much to offer all year round.

Data sourced from the National Climatic Data Center.

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