Weather in Boise Idaho

Weather in Boise Idaho

Blue Sky of Idaho Blue skies of Treasure Valley


Boise Weather is Just Right!

Often times I get the question, what is the weather “really” like in Boise, Idaho? The short answer…it’s perfect. The Treasure Valley is a 50-mile wide river plain between two mountain ranges that sits in a little inland banana belt. Consistent temperatures, low levels of humidity and abundant sunshine create an ideal climate. The Treasure Valley has on average 200 to 215 days of deep blue sky and bright sunshine every single year.


In short, Boise’s weather is extremely pleasant. I sometimes get Facebook comments from people in California who say that it is too snowy and cold in Boise. Just not true as this is usually from people who have never been here. Many times when talking to people out of state they are not informed about our weather and envision it like living in Canada. As someone who has been here in Boise for 12 years and moved from Denver let me tell you what I really appreciate. The nights in the fall remind me of California or Arizona. True, the winter can be cold with January temperatures in the consistent 30s and the average snowfall for the area is 21 inches according to weather sources, but the weather here in Idaho does not change as fast as it does in other places I’ve lived like Colorado and Montana.

Warm and Dry

I like the fact it is not as windy as many other places I’ve lived or visited. The spring and fall here are not normally rainy like they are in the Pacific Northwest. Those who have lived there, in Seattle or Portland, say there is “no comparison” at all that Boise’s climate is way better. Sure, the summers are hot (as in triple digits in July and August) however it is a dry, low humidity heat making it feel cooler than it really is.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider checking out the Real Estate in Boise Idaho. Summers are extremely pleasant as it stays warm throughout the night. Always great to be able to sit on your patio or walk the neighborhood with friends in 75-degree temps in the evening. What many people moving here enjoy is that the days are really long in the summer. In June and July, it does not get totally dark until 10 pm or later. You’ll see locals mowing their lawns and working in the yard at 9 pm in the summers. Overall, the weather in the Boise Idaho area is a perfect four seasons –each one not too long or too extreme

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