Thanksgiving Games!

Thanksgiving Games!

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5 Games the Whole Family Can Play This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a pretty predictable holiday. The family gathers, the turkey is carved, there’s a kid’s table for the little ones, the mashed potatoes are flowing, and the football game is probably on. Well this year, add some entertainment to the day with these 5 fun and family-friendly Thanksgiving games! Whether the whole family plays or just the kids, these games are sure to be a highlight of the holiday! Already decorating for the holiday season? Check out these Fun Ideas for a Festive Home!

The Gratitude Game

Remember playing pick-up-sticks as a kid? Well, this game is just like pick-up-sticks, with a gratitude twist! You can use multi-colored straws, or paint some chopsticks, to create this game. Take your sticks or straws and hold them in a bundle, then drop the sticks on the table, letting them fall randomly.  Each color of stick represents something to be grateful for. For example: red = name a person you are grateful for, green = name a place you are grateful for, blue = name a food you are grateful for, orange = name a thing you are grateful for, purple = name anything of your choice you are grateful for. Each person then takes turns picking up one stick at a time and naming the thing they are grateful for based on the color of the stick. Remember: you can not make any other sticks move when you pick up your stick, or you lose your turn and don’t collect your gratitude stick! Have fun, and be grateful this Thanksgiving!

Candy Corn Count

A super easy game to set up and forget about until after dinner. Take a mason jar, vase, or any see-through container, and fill it with candy corns. Make sure to count how many candy corn are in the jar! Leave a stack of blank slips of paper and pens by the jar along with an envelope or small box for the guesses. As your family and other Thanksgiving guests arrive, have them guess how many candy corns are in the jar. After dinner, before guests start to leave, take out all of the guesses and see who the winner is! Have a fun prize for the winner to take home, like a whole pie, holiday movie, or the jar of candy corn!

The Conversation Bowl

Thanksgiving dinner is filled with all sorts of conversations and chatter. For a little extra fun, and especially if the conversation needs a pick-me-up, have a bowl on the table with folded pieces of paper in it. On each slip of paper is a conversation starter. Examples of fun conversation starters include: If you could invite one person to Thanksgiving (alive, dead, or fictional) who would it be? What is something you are grateful for about the person sitting across from you (or to your right/left)? If you could add one food dish to the classic Thanksgiving dishes, what would it be? What was your favorite thing that happened to you this year so far? If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world, where would it be? Have fun, and keep the dinner conversations going with this easy idea!

Place Setting Fun

Lots of people like creating special and unique place settings for the Thanksgiving dinner table. This year, consider creating some interactive place settings for your dinner guests. For the adult settings, there are tons of websites where you can create Thanksgiving themed word searches, word scrambles, crosswords puzzles, or a Thanksgiving mad lib! For the kid’s table, print off coloring pages or Thanksgiving themed mazes, and include little bundles of crayons for each setting. This gives your guests something to do, either while they wait for the meal to be served, or after dinner is finished.

Thanksgiving Pictionary

A classic family game that everyone can enjoy! For this Thanksgiving-themed version of Pictionary, take popsicle sticks and decorate them with fall colors. On the backs of each popsicle stick, write a word that is Thanksgiving or fall-related such as: scarecrow, pumpkin patch, leaf pile, turkey, cornucopia, apple cider, scarf. The word options are endless! Just like Pictionary, use a chalkboard, whiteboard, or notepad. Pull a popsicle stick from the bunch and draw the picture! This is sure to be a hit with your dinner guests or every age!

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