Suburbs, City, and Open Farmland

Suburbs, City, and Open Farmland

downtown Boise


The Treasure Valley Has a Home For All

There are perks to living in the suburbs. Friendly neighbors and community, close to the schools, stores, parks, gyms, and churches.

There are also perks to living in the city. Everything is in walking distance, there’s plenty of excitement and entertainment, and there’s lots of great restaurants and shopping. You can easily attend shows or football games, all a short distance from your home or apartment.

And we can’t forget, there are perks to living in the country. Like open roads and land, beautiful scenery, less traffic, and you can enjoy locally grown food. There are lots of animals, creeks, and you can own a large amount of beautiful property.

So how do you decide where to settle down? In the Treasure Valley, you don’t have to. You can enjoy the best that all these worlds have to offer.

subdivision in Eagle, Idaho

The suburbs are located between downtown Boise and the open farmland. 20 minutes in either direction is a whole new atmosphere. The suburbs of Boise are safe places for families to live. There are lots of new developments booming with beautiful homes. There are plenty of schools, apartment complexes, and shopping centers nearby. You can live in the comfort of your community while enjoying a short commute to work.

Downtown Boise is located at the base of the foothills, so hikes with a beautiful cityscape view aren’t far away. The city has movie theatres, museums, parks, the Boise River, boutiques and coffee shops, and Boise State University. There is also the beautiful capitol building, hospitals, and lots of job opportunities.

Open field in Nampa Idaho

The spacious fields of Idaho offer peace and privacy, animals, lakes, and beautiful sunsets. You can own your own farm, have a creek that runs right through your backyard, or grow berries and other organic foods. And when you want to go into town, the city is just down the freeway.

Find your home in the Treasure Valley so you can experience the entertainment of the incredibly clean downtown, hike in the hills, shop anywhere you are, and find peace and quiet in the farmland. No matter what environment your family is looking for, you can find it in Idaho.

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