Spare Closet Ideas

Spare Closet Ideas

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Tips for Using Spare Closet Space

Let’s say that you have recently moved to a new house, or you have been there a few years. You’ve finally put all the clothes and shoes in the closet, but then you realize you have a whole other closet that is completely empty! What do you do with it? Check out these fun and creative ideas, especially if you are getting your home ready to list for sale. 


Reading Nook

One of the coolest things to do with your spare closet is to create the perfect getaway for reading your favorite stories in peace and quiet. Put in some bookshelves, a bunch of pillows, a fuzzy carpet, or even a built-in bench. It is the perfect place for kids to sit and read since they can easily fit inside (however, that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out for yourself!). You can even put up some posters of books or inspirational quotes to get the right mood, as well as give you some inspiration to read more. Don’t forget to put a light in there for night reading!


Office Space

If you are one of those people that work from the comfort of your own home, this is the most efficient way to use your extra closet! This helps create seclusion from your living space and keep work separate from your normal life. Put in your desk, a big comfy chair, and take the door off the hinges. If you want privacy, but don’t want to feel suffocated, you can replace the door with some nice curtains so that once you’re done with your work, you can cover the space easily, sit back, and relax for the rest of the day.


Extra Sleeping Quarters

If you have a bigger closet than normal, you can easily fit in a twin mattress inside to make the perfect cozy bedtime retreat. If you have kids, you can even make this into a bunk bed! This way, they will have a cool place to sleep, as well as more room to play and/or storage for their toys. If you have a baby or toddler, you could even take the doors off and install a crib inside the closet.


Art Exhibit

Install some sturdy shelves inside the closet and display your favorite pictures, prints, book or movie collection, or any of your nice art pieces that you can’t seem to find room for (decorative plates, holiday decorations, other collectibles, etc.)! Make it stand out even more by painting the back wall of the closet. This idea is one that will be both organized and stylish, as well as a nice conversation starter for any visitors!


Mini Bar

If you have your spare closet located under the stairs, this is a great nook to have a classic mini bar! Put in some well-stocked shelves, a countertop or marble table, a wine chiller, and some colorful and comfortable stools for your guests. You can also create an “open bar” by taking the doors off the hinges, or if you have kids you can keep the door on and lock it when you’re done. Once you have everything set up, sit down and have a drink with some friends!


Indoor Tool Shed/Workshop

If you are a handyman and like to work on different projects, a simple way to keep all of your tools easily accessible is by organizing your tools in the closet rather than keeping them isolated in the garage. Have a leaky faucet or need to fix a door hinge? Your tools are now more accessible for any household job and can be put back just as easily. You can also put in your crafting supplies like bulky sewing machines, bins full of fabric, and any other material that you usually work with.


Happy Place

Do you have a lot going on in your life and need a place to just be by yourself for a little while? Now you can by making your spare closet into a place where you can easily relax and have some “me time”. Put in some of your favorite things, such as inspirational quotes, beautiful artwork, favorite magazines or books, a small radio for listening to music, a desk to sit and draw or journal, and, of course, a comfy chair or bench for you to take a breather. You can put anything in here that will help you unwind after a long day at work.


Laundromat or Janitor’s Closet

If you have a big enough closet, take the doors off the hinges and install some shelves to keep your clothes and other washable items organized. You can even hang up your ironing board for easy access once everything is clean and dried out. Place laundry baskets on the shelves to organize clothes if there are multiple people in the home (this way, you won’t lose anyone’s laundry ever again!). If you have enough shelves, you can also use it as storage for your cleaning supplies such as soap, detergent, bleach, window cleaner, etc. Other items that can be stored here are brooms, vacuums, and mops.


There are plenty of other fun and unique ideas for your spare closet online or on the Pinterest app! Hopefully, these ideas are enough to get you started on creating more space for your home and family!

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