Which Side of Town is Right for You?

Which Side of Town is Right for You?

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North End? East Boise? Meridian? Where in Town Should You Live?!

As many Boise natives know, there are a few different “sides of town” in the Treasure Valley. When meeting a new friend, co-worker, or potential business associate, a general question that often comes up is “What side of town do you live on?” We have the historical North End, beautiful Down Town, classic East Side, and the ever growing West Boise and Meridian. But, which side of town is right for you?

North End

If mature trees and tons of nostalgia are what you’re in the market for, look no further than the historic North End. Many homes in the North End are over 100 years old, and plenty of them have been renovated with modern and chic details. If you’re looking to renovate a property yourself, the North End is a treasure trove of vintage homes. With Boise staples like the CO-OP,  Harrison Boulevard, Boise High School, and Bogus Basin Road, any Boise native will tell you that the beautiful North End is a coveted place to live. Take a look at this super unique Boise Ave home, listed by Accel! Want to read more about what makes the North End so awesome?! Click here!

East Boise

For the college student, avid boater, or Green Belt lover, there’s no better fit than the East Side of Boise. With easy access to campus, a bike ride away from Down Town, and a quick shot up to Lucky Peak, living on the East Side of Boise has tons of benefits. Not only are there affordable houses with plenty of charm and character around Broadway, Boise Avenue, or off Park Center, there are plenty of new and developing subdivisions a little farther out close to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Barber Park.

West Boise & Meridian

Many Boise residents are making the move out to West Boise, South West Boise, and Meridian, and for good reason. With so much commercial development on this end of town, everything you might need is easily within 20 minutes away (and there are no one-way streets to bother with!) Neighborhoods and communities are growing faster than ever in West Boise and Meridian, and the housing prices on this end of town can’t be beat. Want to spend $150,00 on a home? How about $500,000? Whatever your budget is, West Boise and Meridian have you covered. With thoughtfully located schools, grocery stores, parks, and entertainment, West Boise, South West Boise, and Meridian is the perfect end of town to start and raise a family.

Looking to move a little farther away from Boise? Check out our blog on Living in Middleton, ID!


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