Ron Minegar Brings Idaho Lifestyle to the Spotlight

Ron Minegar Brings Idaho Lifestyle to the Spotlight


The real estate market is a very saturated business, especially in the fastest-growing state in the U. S. With 80,000 people moving to Idaho each year, the needs and perks of living there are always changing.

Ron Minegar is one of Accel’s mentor trainers who also holds the NAR Emeritus title. He has been in the Idaho real estate business for over 40 years and has learned how to embrace the constant changes in the market. “Our decades of experience give our Clients an edge and saves them time all while reducing their stress. We love what we do, and it shows!” Ron says.

Ron Minegar at the Bella Aquila

Constant advances in technology demand that businesses evolve to stay relevant. For this reason, Ron Minegar Real Estate at Accel Realty Partners has teamed with The American Dream, a TV show whose goal is to engage its viewers by educating them with entrepreneurs and market-leading REALTORS. The American Dream segments allow Ron and his team to welcome people to our state and show them all the beauty, entertainment, and community that is offered. Being a part of the show isn’t just about developing relationships with newcomers, it is about strengthening relationships within the community. “While we love to reach new Clients, our primary goal is to deepen and strengthen the relationships we already enjoy while blending education with entertainment,” Ron says, and The American Dream does just that by taking him from places like the Meridian Speedway to the Bella Aquila Restaurant in Eagle; and from the Roe Ann Drive-In in Emmett to 10 Barrel Brewing in Downtown Boise.

Considering Idaho’s opportunities for exploration are endless, they are just getting started. With six more episodes coming this year, Ron and his team have many more places to see and business owners to meet. The American Dream is just the bridge between a growing community and the people who might not yet know that the area is their new home.Using video and social media allows Ron to reach demographics that would otherwise be unreachable, such as millennials. Traditional marketing has become less effective with the rise of social media and the Internet. Only those who take advantage of this new medium will be able to continue expanding their influence. To learn more about the importance of marketing to millennials, click here.

Ron Minegar in Meridian, Idaho

Knowing that it was time to take a new approach at their marketing, Ron and his team searched for a way to stand out in the crowd. It was then that they were introduced to The American Dream. It has since provided an opportunity for Ron to showcase homes and areas to people living outside of the area. His segments emphasize why residents love living in Idaho. It provides insights on social events and recommends places where residents can enjoy local businesses. While filming, Ron has had the opportunity to sit down with business owners to discuss what they love so much about Idaho. The episodes have developed into a showcase of the culture, lifestyle, and unique opportunities within the Treasure Valley.

The American Dream also allows Ron to take his viewers on tours through homes in and around Boise, including ranch homes, homes with mountain views, and luxury real estate in the Eagle, Idaho area. These tours inspire those watching and encourage them to become a part of the Idaho community with the help of Accel Realty Partners.

The American Dream is the perfect media for Ron and his team. He’s always loved video marketing and feels most at home in front of the camera. He says, “As is often the case when you try new things, the benefits you receive may not be the benefits you expected. The American Dream has been like that for us. We have experienced through the eyes of others just how special Idaho is, while at the same time learning more about fashioning our marketing message into a very watchable format.

With new episodes airing monthly, you can always tune in for some local date night ideas or home design inspiration. Ron’s friendly and welcoming personality shines through on screen and his smile simply says, “Welcome Home.”

Here at Accel, we’re motivated by change. We believe that the best service comes when your agent is willing to adapt specifically to your needs. Contact us today to find the agent fit for you.

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