Preparing Your Home to List

Preparing Your Home to List

preparing your home to list


With the large selection of houses available on the market today, home buyers can afford to be choosy. Buyers are searching for the very best, so a home for sale could easily slip through the cracks if it’s not in pristine condition. Use these 8 tips to prepare your home for listing and wow prospective buyers.

mow lawn before listing home

Clean the outside. An unattended exterior can make buyers believe the interior is lacking care as well, so you want to make sure the buyers’ first impression of your home is a good one. Use an outdoor hose attachment to wash the exterior of the house. Clean rain gutters as well as outside windows and screens. Mow the lawn, pull weeds, trim bushes, plant flowers, and hose down the driveway to remove loose dirt.

paint front door for curb appeal

Improve the curb appeal. Make sure the front door is inviting. A fresh coat of paint, especially in a color that contrasts with the rest of the house, will make the doorway stand out. Additionally, replace any outdated exterior lighting fixtures. Purchase new house numbers if the old ones are obsolete or faded. Be sure buyers can see the new ones from the curb, making your home easy for them to find. And finally, purchase a new welcome mat. Let buyers know they’re invited into your home. Click here for more ways to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Remove clutter and depersonalize. Purge half of your belongings because clutter can cost you a sale. Clean up by renting a storage unit or mobile pod for knickknacks, photographs, additional furniture, and other personal items. Depersonalize each room, removing photo frames and posters. Replace with lively professional artwork. Buyers want to envision their own belongings in your home.

organize closets and drawers

Organize closets, drawers, and cupboards. Buyers often look in these smaller spaces. Messy closets give the impression that your home doesn’t have sufficient storage space. Simplistic interiors are often more appealing to a wider range of buyers. Click here for tips on organizing your home in an elegant yet creative way!

neutralize color and decor

Neutralize color and decor. You may like your lime-green bedroom, but other buyers might not. Paint your walls a neutral color that will appeal to a broad variety of buyers. Embellish with simple and uncontroversial decor. Rearrange furniture to make rooms appear as large as possible.

make repairs to your home

Make all necessary repairs so buyers won’t need to add those things to their mental list of post-purchase expenses. In a buyer’s market, you need your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of significant flaws like broken windows or even a leaky roof that may discourage buyers; but don’t neglect minor details, like paint scratches on baseboards or squeaky hinges.

Make every surface shine, from ceiling fans to baseboards and everything in between. Scrub every inch of the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Don’t forget blinds, mirrors, and floors; and don’t miss a corner or baseboard. You want your home to look brand new so it’s more enticing to potential buyers.

place flowers when showing your home

Eliminate bad odors. Ask a friend to watch your pets while your home is open for show and remove litter boxes. Spray the house frequently with air neutralizer. Purchase new linens and pillows while making sure they’re a neutral color. When showing the home, fill it with inviting scents by placing out fresh flowers and baking a batch of cookies for visitors.

Following these tips will prepare your home for the market and give buyers the best impression of your home, opening the door for more offers in a quicker amount of time. Your agent at Accel Realty Partners can help you know specific changes to make to your home for a faster sale. Then, of course, they’ll guide you through the rest of the process of selling your home.

Click here for more tips on listing your home.

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