New Technology For Real Estate in 2021

New Technology For Real Estate in 2021

Augmented Reality Idaho


In response to the pandemic of this last year, technology companies have been developing and innovating unique products to improve your quality of life. Many of these trends  are in demand when it comes to real estate services. Idaho real estate  companies are using these technologies to provide a safe and modern experience for home buyers.


Products like portable air filters, robotic vacuums, and ultraviolet sanitation products have never been more relevant. These systems help prevent the spread of bacteria beyond traditional products. Homebuilders in Idaho are aware of Idaho homebuyers interest in healthier homes. Products like these are being utilized in new homes with over a third of potential buyers report wanting a home with better health features.


With a majority of global enterprises having an increase of cloud usage due to Covid-19, it comes as no surprise that more data, such as home sales, are moving to the cloud. However, security remains a top concern in a high percentage of companies. This has caused technology companies are working on more advanced security measures to protect business data better.


In efforts to reduce physical  contact, companies have looked to drones and robotics to complete tasks. These solutions have become critical to stay protected in this unpredictable time. Some retailers have started to use robotic arms to stock shelves, others have utilized “hygiene robots” that disinfect areas using ultraviolet light. Drones are being used to deliver items contactless, along with being an essential in real estate photography.


Rapid growth in the augmented and virtual reality industries has been driving by a desire to see the world through a new lens. These products include smart glasses, virtual reality headsets, smartphone applications, and holograms. The real estate industry has started to introduce augmented reality into the homebuying process. Homebuyers in Idaho and around the country can view homes or potential remodels with the use of different services.


It  has already been estimated by CTA tat over 67 million smartphones with 5G connectivity. 5G service has quickly become available all across the nation. The lightning fast speeds provided by this service will pave the way for rapid innovation in many connected fields.5G networks will enhance cloud data services, daily video streaming, and network reliability and consistency.


Masks have become a daily item, shielding us from bacteria particles in the air. Multiple companies  have began making masks enhanced with technology. Some smart mask are equipped with environmental tracking that alert your smartphone when you enter an area with high pollution. LG launched a battery-operated mask that has two filters and UV-LED lights that kill bacteria. Innovations will continue to arise as the nation fights the current pandemic.


These innovations are just the beginning when it comes to improving safety and quality of life in this rapidly-changing society. These technologies are enhancing the world of real estate as well. Look at for these technologies as you make decisions in your near future.

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