Why Moving to Idaho is the Right Choice

Why Moving to Idaho is the Right Choice

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Idaho has Something for Everyone!

Small business owner? Art and food lover? Outdoor enthusiast? Idaho has something for absolutely everyone. If you’ve ever considered moving to the beautiful Gem State, here are a few reasons that will help you make the decision to move to amazing Idaho!

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or a quiet nature experience, Idaho boasts some of the most scenic and geologically diverse locations for any adventurer. From sand dunes to ski resorts, there is no lack of outdoor activities in Idaho. Located all over the state you can find rafting expeditions, zip-lining excursions, peaceful hot springs, beautiful ski slopes, and secluded cabin getaways. Finding the perfect adventure in Idaho is easy when the landscape ranges from vast deserts to lush forests and whitewater rapids to serene mountain lakes.

The Socialite

Boise, the capital, and epicenter of Idaho ranks high on many lists of the nation’s best places to live. One of the many reasons Idaho is considered such a great place to call home is undoubtedly the people. Idahoans are known for being friendly and welcoming. They’re proud of Idaho, its history, and its culture. From the downtown night life to the historic Basque district, there’s no shortage of places to meet and mingle with the friendly people of this great state. Idaho’s communities help create a small town feel while being one of the fastest growing places for people to call home.

The Food Lover

If food is your passion, Idaho has you covered. Don’t be fooled, Idaho is not only about potatoes! Although the potatoes are pretty great. With hidden gems all across the state, the restaurants of Idaho are as culturally diverse as any major metropolis. From luscious Mexican restaurants to intimate Vietnamese bistros, Idaho has tons of amazing cuisine choices to satisfy your palate. Not only are the restaurant options fantastic, but the prices are as well, whether you’re looking to splurge on a gourmet night on the town or you’re just craving something with a wholesome, homemade feel.

The Artist

Rich with art exhibits and events, Idaho has options for the art lover to take advantage of year round. Idaho has a multitude of talented theater companies and is home to the renowned Idaho Shakespeare Festival, the Boise Philharmonic, and Ballet Idaho. The warmer seasons bring art festivals such as Art in the Park and the Hyde Park Street Fair. With music events of every genre, you can enjoy everything from intimate lounge sessions to big name concerts. Year round exhibits can be appreciated at the Boise Art Museum as well as the fine art galleries located throughout the state.

The Business Owner

If you’re looking to start a small business or expand a current venture, you might want to consider making Idaho your new home. Idaho is a state that thrives on supporting local businesses with the Buy Idaho network that is dedicated to supporting Idaho based products and services. With Idaho having an adaptable and incredibly strong housing market, it’s a fantastic place to buy a home well as investment properties. With the cost of living being less expensive than the US average, Idaho is the perfect place to live, invest, raise a family, and retire. 


Need more reasons to move to Idaho? Click here to read about Downtown Boise Life! And when you do  make the move, make sure to read our blog with 10 tips that will make your move a breeze!

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