Living in Meridian Idaho

Living in Meridian Idaho

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Welcome to Meridian!

Numerous national press over the past few years has called Meridian, Idaho one of the “best places to live” in the entire United States. With a population under 100,000 people, the city is big enough yet at the same time small enough to please just about everyone. It’s been documented as one of the safest places to live in the world, and it’s the part of Idaho where you will find a perfect mix of the “old and the new”. New construction neighborhoods dot the landscape and are intermingled amongst 130-year-old family farms and a historic downtown area on the train tracks. The city offers an array of new commercial and entertainment activities. Some of the best shopping and dining can be found at the “The Village at Meridian”, which is a multimillion dollar outdoor mall adjacent to the area’s newest regional Park, Julius M. Kleiner.


Meridian has two major North and South thoroughfares, Eagle Road and Ten Mile Road. Both of these arteries are concentrated with new commercial developments – stores and retail. For many years Meridian was called the “crossroads” of the Treasure Valley as the busiest traffic intersection in the state is located at Fairview Road and Eagle Road (right where The Village is).

Family Friendly

Meridian is very family-friendly; it’s a place where you can always catch live events and find a multitude of planned activities for all ages. It has an amazing park system with many ponds stocked year-round for fishing. The Mayor and her staff have spent considerable effort and resources in the last 10 years revitalizing the downtown area and have plans for a transportation center and a rail trail that will extend both to Nampa and Boise in the future. Meridian has the benefit of easy access to Interstate 84 making it an ultra-convenient place to live in southwest Idaho. Some other accolades about Meridian are it’s the 11th most secure large city in the US and the 21st most popular city for holiday decorating. Because of all of the above, Meridian Idaho is a very popular place for people to buy both new and resale homes.


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