Living in Emmett Idaho

Living in Emmett Idaho

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Welcome to Emmett!

This charming town of 6500 people sits in one of the most scenic valleys in the Northwest. The town is famous for its annual “Cherry Festival” that often attracts over 40,000 people over a few week period. The majestic Payette River runs through Emmett and the downtown is only 10 minutes to Black Canyon Reservoir, well known for boating and water sports. Downtown Emmett is a charming collection of brick buildings that look like a scene from a 1950s movie set.

History of Emmett

Permanent settlement in the Emmett area began in the early 1860s after gold was discovered in the Boise area and that brought people from the east seeking prosperity and new adventure. Two of the overland immigrant trails joined at the Payette River just north of the present day bridge, north of downtown Emmett. The area had plenty of water and great soil for crops.
In 1883, a gentleman named James Wardwell had the town organized and platted, and by the year 1900, the town was incorporated as a real city. A couple years later, the Idaho Northern railroad came to the valley, which brought additional expansion and economic opportunities.

A well-planned series of irrigation projects made it possible for rapid expansion of Emmett as a major agricultural center for farming, especially fruit tree growing. In the early part of the 19th-century fruit packers and processors were plentiful due to the fertility and availability of water in the valley. Today, Emmett is a place where you can get an impressive amount of home and acreage for the money. Many residents of the area are those from other parts of the country who wanted to live in a place that feels small town, yet is only a 30-minute drive to a mid-sized city and all the amenities that offers.


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