How to Use the Dead Space in Your House

How to Use the Dead Space in Your House


Empty Space = Opportunity! 

The term “dead space” describes the empty, unused, and sometimes forgotten spaces of your home. This could also include empty spaces on your walls or rooms that seem to serve no purpose anymore (other than to put in storage or other unused items). Here are a few ideas on what you could do to utilize the dead space in your home!


Make a Planning Wall

More often than not, every home has a wall that has little to nothing on it. A great idea for this wall is to have it act as a calendar, to do list, organizer, and special occasion wall all-in-one! Put up a couple of whiteboards, paint the wall with chalkboard paint, create some hanging pockets to put your daily items in an easily accessible place, hang a calendar, or cover your wall in post-it notes. With this wall dedicated to managing your time, you will never forget anything ever again (especially important dates!). Organize it any way that your heart desires!


Create a Small Reading Nook

Do you have a couple of bookcases but nothing close by to sit and read in peace? Put in a comfy bean bag chair in the corner, a love seat, or any other form of cozy seating to create the perfect reading nook! Another great suggestion is to put in a small overhead lamp, just in case you want to read a little bit in the evening before bed. Creating a small space for the kids to cuddle up and read is a great use of unused space! If you have extra room, you could even put in a desk to make things easier when you’re studying, working, or doing anything else that requires reading or writing. With this idea, you can create your own private space for all of your reading pleasure!


Have a Memorabilia Wall or Room

Are you a collector of art? How about vinyl records? Maybe you are a traveler and take tons of photographs? Now you can put all of your favorite memories and collectibles on the wall for all of your visitors to see and admire! Frame vacation photos, playbills, posters, or other artwork that you love and place it in a way that expresses your personality and interests. If you are wanting to take up the whole room, you can even put in a few glass cases to show off your favorite collectibles, such as vinyls, comic books, sports cards, souvenirs from your travels, or anything else that you want to show off to your guests. This will make a great place to reminisce on old memories, as well as become a pleasant conversation starter!


Create Storage Space Near Your Bathtub

You wouldn’t think the space at the end of your bathtub would be considered dead space that you can fill up. However, one of the best ways to fill up that space is to put up some shelving. Fill it with your shampoos, conditioners, and soap bars so that you can stay organized (this is also a good idea if you don’t want your bottles falling all over the place!). You could also put in some bigger shelves to hold towels, toiletries, or any decorative items that give a fresh scent to your bathroom, giving you a nice, relaxing atmosphere for a bubble bath.


Nightstand Corner

Do you like reading in bed after a long day of work? Want to read or watch TV in the evening and don’t have a place to put your lamp? Use the corner between your bed and the wall to create a small floating nightstand. This will help keep your personal items, such as your phone, nightly reading book, reading glasses, and other items just an arm’s length away! You can also have a small reading lamp on the shelf (if the shelf is sturdy enough to hold one). You can also just use this corner to place a tall and skinny lamp. If your bed is against the corner of the room, there are tons of neat corner shelving ideas you can find on Pinterest!


Place Items on the Window Sill

Windows can make your home feel airy and fresh, especially if you don’t have any blinds to block out the sun. It is also the perfect place to put knick-knacks, favorite books, plants (big or small), and anything else that you would like to be noticed from the outside of your home! Doing this shows passers-by your personality, as well as the style and elegance of your home. You could also place a small bed for your pets if they like to lie in the sun on a nice warm day. Another option is to transform the windowsill into a reading nook by putting down some soft cushions if the window sill is big enough!


No matter what you choose to do with your dead space, it will help make your home more stylish, as well as clear up some areas of your home that might have been previously full of storage items. Click here to read more Organization Tips for the Stylish Home! If you are wanting to make a great impression, using the dead space will also make your home seem less bland and more colorful and vibrant! Have fun creating!

Looking for some more inspiration? Click here to check out our blog, Five Ways to Repurpose a Spare Room!

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