How to Sell Your Home With Pets

How to Sell Your Home With Pets

selling your hoe with pets


67% of US households own a pet. And with 9.8% of Americans moving each year, that’s a lot of homes with pets going up on the market. This could very easily be you! We know you are very attached to your home and your pet, but potential buyers might not be as excited about pets as you are, and that’s okay. Accel Realty Partners has put together this simple list of ways to help you sell your home quickly, even if you have pets.

You want to make sure you leave hardly any signs of your pets. The best ways to do this are:


This is the easiest and one of the most significant things that will make a difference in selling your home. Clean and store away all pet toys, food, and bedding before potential buyers come walk through your home. Don’t forget to clean up the front and back yard as well.


Pet odor is just one of the trade-offs of ownership. Naturally, you’ve probably become used to many of the scents that your animals produce. Anyone coming into your home will notice these scents right away, so it’s important to be very thorough. Clean clean clean. Vacuum and dust and use light/neutral air fresheners. You may even want to call a professional deodorizing service.

professional carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

You should professionally clean your carpets before move-out even if you don’t have pets, but ESPECIALLY if you do have pets. Professionally cleaned floors and rugs leave a fantastic impression with buyers and look. So why a professional? Why not just do it yourself? Professional cleaners have the chemicals and resources to take care of spot cleaning, which is helpful for pet-stained areas. They can handle the tough stains that require more attention.

pet wear and tear

Repair Pet Wear and Tear

The carpet may need to be replaced and baseboards may need to be repainted. Did the kitty scratch every corner in the house? Did their claws damage the hardwood? Check for all of these things and be sure to repair before closing.

selling your home with pets

Spruce Up the Backyard

Are there any holes in the grass where your pet likes to dig? Clean up any droppings, and don’t forget to look under the bushes! You may even need to pressure wash the patio if your pet tends to leave messes there.

clean up your back yard

Pet Management During Home Showings

There’s no guarantee how your will respond when encountered with strangers in your home. Maybe they’ve never bitten anyone, but you never know. So you’ll want to be extra careful. You can isolate your pet for showings, but it is best to have them removed from the property altogether beforehand.

Unscheduled Showings

When a showing agent has access to your lock box, some showings will be spontaneous, and your home needs to be vacated whenever possible. Here are a couple of ways to deal with this situation. Crate dogs in a room like your garage. This is better than nothing. But it’s best to have a strategy where your pet can stay with neighbors. Or maybe you can just take your pet to the park or to run some errands with you during the showing.

Closing Thoughts

Buyers entering your home have no emotional attachment. They will be looking for a clean area where they are easily able to envision themselves at home. Take the time to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. There’s a lot that goes into selling a home with pets. Click here for more things to be aware of during this process. By following these tips for preparing your home to sell with pets, you are going to increase the likelihood of closing the sale quickly. In the end, your family, the buyer, and your pets will benefit from creating an atmosphere that makes all who enter feel at home.

For more tips about selling your Idaho home, click here.

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