How to List Your Home in Spring

How to List Your Home in Spring

listing your home in spring


The spring selling season is near. Who would’ve thought that spring cleaning sometimes meant moving out of the house altogether? Either way, ’tis the season of cleaning, transforming, and starting fresh. There is still time to modify your house into a home where a potential buyer wants to live. Preparing your home to list for sale can become an overwhelming hurdle if you don’t approach it as a series of small steps. Follow this week-by-week checklist to have your home ready to list by the peak selling season. Throughout the process, picture how your home might look on an MLS listing.

clean the windows

Week 1

Find the right real estate agent at Accel Realty Partners. Buying or selling a home in Idaho can be a major undertaking with lots of competition, and that’s why most buyers and sellers utilize the services of a real estate agent to guide them through the process. A good agent will provide all the knowledge and resources needed to make your home sale more seamless, from local market insights and negotiating skills to marketing exposure and more.

Inspect your home’s infrastructure. Check your home for repairs and things that need touching-up. These updates and repairs will improve your home’s value so that not only you—the seller—get the most out of it, but also so the new owners will as well. Evaluate the condition of the pipes, windows, roof, etc. so you have time to fix these issues. Doing this now will save you from being surprised when a potential buyer brings in an inspector. While working on these larger projects, it can be easy to overlook minor flaws. So don’t forget to make sure the handles on the cabinets are tight, the light bulbs are working, and scuffs are removed from walls. Careful inspection and repairs will present the image of a home well taken care of.

deep clean your house

Week 2

Declutter. Create four categories—throw out, donate, move to storage, and keep. This will make moving out easier, and will also remove visual clutter, making your home more pleasing to possible buyers. If your home is filled with furniture and decor pieces you can’t part with, rent a storage unit for the time your home is on the market.

Deep clean. Decluttering will make your deep clean much easier. Clean the windows, baseboards, walls, and floors. Don’t forget areas that are closed off, like closets, cabinets, and drawers. Potential buyers will likely be opening these storage areas so be sure to keep them tidy. If you have a basement, think about marketing it to potential buyers by putting it to a special use.


Week 3

Assess the curb appeal. While lawn maintenance in January is minimal, make the necessary updates to entice buyers before they pass the threshold. Paint the front door, replace the mailbox if it’s damaged, update outdoor lighting if it shows signs of wear and tear, and set out a seasonal arrangement in the planters. Wash dirt and bark off of the walkways.

Paint the walls. If your taste is on the bolder side, paint the walls in a neutral color palette prior to listing. Neutral colors will appeal to a wider variety of buyers, and help them better picture themselves living in the home. Don’t forget to touch up the baseboards and door trim.

Stage the house. Consider hiring a professional stager who can assess the current condition of your home and determine the tweaks that will set it apart from the crowd. They often have inventory they can bring in, or will rearrange your belongings to create a different layout. Stagers have great creative eyes and will be able to give your home a more enticing look.

Keep the house clean. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste—you wouldn’t want to start over. Clean up after yourself, and not only clothes and food, but also remember to wipe out the sink and sweep the floor consistently. If you have kids, remind them to keep their rooms tidy, organized, vacuumed, and dusted.

professional photos

Week 4

Take professional photos. The majority of buyers begin their home search online, so great photography is essential in order to capture their interest. Once your home is in prime condition, work with your real estate agent to have a professional photographer take photos of the house.

add life

Week 5

Final cleaning. Pay special attention to places noticed and used the most, like bathrooms and showers, floors, and counter tops. These are areas that will catch the first glances of buyers walking through your house. Also make sure the home is odor free. Open the windows and run a humidifier or air purifier to neutralize the air.

Add life. Set out fresh flowers, plants or a bowl of fresh fruit to breathe some additional life into the home, and to create a welcoming vibe with beautiful colors.

Hide valuables. With strangers walking through your home, make sure to remove or lock up any valuables, such as jewelry, treasured collections, and artwork.

And in 5 quick weeks, your home is ready to sell. Take it one step at a time and the process won’t be so overwhelming. And remember, Accel’s agents are here to guide you along the way.

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