House “sold” Pets?

House “sold” Pets?

selling your home with pets in Idaho


Things to Be Aware of If You Have Pets and Are Selling Your Home

Your home is home to your pet too. Your pet is your family, and they belong wherever you are! Moving is just as big of a change for your pet as it is for you. Here are some things to consider when selling your Idaho home if you have pets:

1. Most Homes on the Market Have Pets

Your goal when selling your home is to make it attractive to the audience. Sellers spruce up their homes and go so far as specialist staging. No matter what you decide, selling a house with pets deserves consideration and additional effort to make it appealing to the range of customers.

You’ll want to take special care when it comes to cleaning. Use fragrances that aren’t harmful to your pets and open windows to air out your home. Sweep, mop, vacuum, and disinfect regularly.

Pets are a part of many American households. This means that many buyers might also have pets. But you want to make sure that when they come into your home, their attention stays on the high vaulted ceilings or the new carpet, not distracted by pets.

pets can be unpredictable

2. Pets Can Be Unpredictable

On top of cleaning and preparing your home, you’ll need to get started thinking about how you’ll manage your four-legged family members while your home is available and shown to potential buyers.

When strangers enter your property, animals can become unpredictable and nervous. When they experience strangers in their space, animals can get scared. Your pet may even smell other animals on visitors and react negatively. Dogs have a tendency to bark, which can make visitors uncomfortable or afraid as well, which makes it hard for them to feel at home. Visitors need to be able to inspect and evaluate without hindrance—to notice the stunning view, custom cabinets, and other details that allow them to envision themselves living there.

Not only can pets can make home buyers nervous who come to view your home, but  there’s a security issue with home showings and pets, a potential legal liability. While planning to sell your home, it is a good idea to confirm your coverage and homeowner’s insurance policy.

people may be afraid of pets

3. Home Shoppers May Have Pet Phobia

There are a lot of people who have had bad experiences with animals, or maybe your pet just doesn’t do well with certain ages or genders. A lot of people love most animals, but are terrified of certain kinds! You never know how visitors will feel about your pets, even if your little puppy is the sweetest boy. Keep your pets in kennels or outside during home shows, have someone take them on a walk so they’re not even home, or have a friend watch them for a day at their own home. These options are all better than having a potential buyer feeling anxious during their whole visit because they’re scared of your pet!

home buyers may have pet allergies

4. Buyers May Have Extreme Pet Allergies

One in ten people is allergic to pets. As a home seller with pets who wants to make the home as attractive as possible, this is a ratio you’ll want to keep in mind. In fact, children between ages 6 and nineteen are 14% more likely to have a pet allergy. If a whole family comes to tour your home, there’s a good chance one of them could be allergic to your furry family member. This is another reason why its important to dust and vacuum often while your home is on the market!

home owners may keep pets outside

5. Buyers May Not Have Pets or Allow Them Indoors

Home buyers with no pets may be very cautious during the home showing. They may pay extra attention to the condition of the home. And home buyers who prefer to keep their pets outside may react the same way. They might be concerned with the impact pets sometimes have on the state of the house.

Be aware of this while preparing your home to list. Touch up any scratched baseboards or doors, and even replace the carpet if pets have done too much damage. This will enhance the impression your home leaves on potential buyers. You want any visitors to say to themselves, “Wow, the owners had a cat and dog, but their house is so clean you can’t even tell.”

selling your Idaho home with pets

6. Selling Your Home With Pets Will Require Some Sacrifices

When you list your Idaho home for sale, it is no longer about you or your pet. This is the opportunity to create an environment that provides potential buyers a more positive impression of your house; one in which they may visualize making their prospective home. Just keep everything clean and your pet well behaved and they shouldn’t pose a problem!

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