HoMEOWners Are Loving This Idea!

HoMEOWners Are Loving This Idea!

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The Catio is the Newest Trend in Town!

There’s a cool new trend in home additions, and it’s purrrfect for your furry family members! Introducing the Catio! That’s right, a cat patio! Tons of homeowners are opting to add a special place for their cats to roam and nap safely while enjoying the outdoors.

Whether you have indoor or outdoor cats, a catio provides your cat with a happy and healthy outdoor experience while giving you peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe from outdoor threats as well as protecting birds and other wildlife from your natural born hunter. 

A catio can range is size and location depending on the needs of you and your feline friends. Window catios can be hung just outside your bedroom or kitchen window, giving your cat a nice little space to relax in the sunshine, enjoying the fresh air. Larger catios can be placed off your patio or in a garden and can be built big enough to add some outdoor chairs and tables so you can lounge alongside your buddies while they frolic in the safety and comfort of their kitty cat kingdom. 

If humans have man caves and she sheds, cats certainly deserve catios! Make your catio extra fun by adding scratching posts, hanging toys, kitty hammocks, cat-safe plants, and different levels of shelves and sleeping perches for catnaps!

Catios are easy to build! All you need is durable fencing wire for the walls, either wire or plexiglass for the roof, weather resistant wood or plastic for the structure, and a floor. If you decide to build your catio on your porch, you might consider covering your cement or wood with outdoor carpet to keep your catio nice and cozy.  Don’t forget to add a litter box and water bowl! But, keep cat food in the house to avoid attracting pesky bugs.

Enriching your cat’s life, protecting them from outdoor dangers, and protecting wildlife are just a few benefits of the catio! And it’s no coincidence that the word “homeowner” has the word “meow” in it!

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