Five Ways to Repurpose a Spare Room

Five Ways to Repurpose a Spare Room

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The Options are Endless!

Have a child that just left for college? Heading into retirement and need extra income? Do you live in a home that is bigger than you expected? There are many times where we end up having a room in the house unoccupied. Eventually, they can end up being nothing but clutter or a room filled with dust. Here are five ways that you can repurpose that old, spare room into something useful!

Transform it into a Chill Out Room

If you’re an avid reader and have dreamed of having your own little place to read, your chance to have one is now! Place some bookshelves into the room and pile them high with as many books as your heart desires (there are other shelving systems to use, so be sure to install one that suits your style). Buy a comfortable chair/sofa to relax as you read or build your own nook next to the window. You can even insert a built-in fireplace if you want to have the experience of reading by a fire on a cold night. If you get a personal decorator, you could possibly ask them about different lighting fixtures if you want to have the room set a certain mood. Another idea is to put in some other things (besides the glorious walls of books) that will appeal to all of your interests. For instance, if you also want a “man cave”, you can put in something like a pool table or a TV on one of the walls. If you are a collector of sorts, set them up in their own personal cases to show them off to visitors! If you like music, put in your favorite instrument (a piano, a couple guitars, etc.). If you’re into crafts or drawing, set up a workspace so you can create at your own leisure. Whatever your interests, you can easily put in a little bit of everything into the same room.


Make your own Theater Room

Love watching movies, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on movie tickets and overpriced popcorn? Create your own cinema by turning your spare room into a mini version of the real thing. Buy yourself a big screen TV, comfortable chairs (it is recommended to get ones that recline and have cup holders), and, of course, enough movies to make your own collection (make sure to put some classics in there!). Some of the TVs out there also have features that can play Netflix or Hulu shows, so there’s no need to buy a whole bunch of DVDs if you have an account with them. You can also have a little mini bar in there (if the room is big enough) which you can have installed by a professional team, as well as a popcorn maker to make your own movie popcorn with lots of butter! If you don’t want to buy a large TV, you can also buy a projector screen, along with the projector itself, or you can just use a plain wall. Get dark curtains to cover any light coming in through the windows and get yourself a nice sound system. You’ll feel like you’re at the cinema in no time!


Get Some Money out of it or Create a Guest Room!  

If you have just sent a kid off to college, or you want some extra money to go on more vacations, you can always put your spare room up for rent! You can add simple appliances like a microwave and refrigerator so that your tenants won’t need to use the kitchen. You can also have your tenants pay from month to month to make things easier on you and them. You can list your room on different websites, or you can have your room open to a foreign exchange student to add some culture into your life. If you have family or friends wanting to spend the night, you don’t need to have them sleep on the couch anymore! Put in a comfortable bed, a nice little table with chairs, and give your visitors a space that is both private and welcoming. Need some decorating inspiration? Click here to read our blog filled with home trends for 2018!


Create the Ultimate Walk-In Closet

Have too many clothes and nowhere to put them? Want a space where you can have your own fashion show? Now, you have extra space to make the best walk-in closet ever! Get a personal decorator to help you with tiered racks, various shelving and storage systems, and other items like dressers into the room (or you can easily put them in yourself!). Can’t decide what you want to wear right away? You can also put in a comfy chair. This way you can ponder what you want to wear, try on different shoes, etc. If the spare room is big enough, you can also bring in an ironing board, so you can iron your clothes and hang them up right away! With this option, there is no way that the floors will be cluttered with clothes ever again. Click here to read our blog: Organization Tips for the Stylish Home!


Let’s Get Physical

Do you have the need to work out without wanting to leave your home and spend money on a gym membership? Transform your spare room into a fitness center, complete with anything you want to help you improve your workout routine. You can install a couple of shelves to place weights if you want more space to use on the floor. Put in a treadmill, an elliptical machine, or a yoga mat (if that is what you’re into)! There are plenty of other items you can put in, so put your imagination to work!

There are tons of other ways to create something out of your spare room! You can either do all of these yourself or hire a personal decorator to help make all of your dreams come true. Make money off of it or make space for some “me-time”; the choice is yours!

Looking to fill the “dead space” in your home, but need some inspiration? Click here to read or blog filled with cool ideas!


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