First Solar Eclipse in U.S. Since 1979

First Solar Eclipse in U.S. Since 1979

Solar Eclipse 2017


How to View the Solar Eclipse in Idaho

On Monday, August 21st. we’ll get the opportunity to see the first solar eclipse over the United States since 1979. The best places to view the solar eclipse from will be through the Path of Totality, which is a swath about 65 miles wide that crosses the globe.

Where to View the Eclipse in Idaho?

This 65-mile wide swath cuts across a stretch of Idaho over Cascade, Stanley, Sun Valley, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Idaho City, Horseshoe Bend and many other cities! If you plan to travel to any of these towns to view the eclipse, be prepared for traffic and travel safely, as many people will take the opportunity to view this rare sight as well.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, the moon, and the Earth form a straight line with the moon positioned between the sun and Earth. The full moon blocks the sun, creating and Umbra, or full shadow. People who view the eclipse from outside the Path of Totality will see only a partial shadow.

How to View the Eclipse Safely

When the moon blocks the sun, those in the Path of Totality will be able to see the sun’s corona with the naked eye. The corona, which extends millions of miles into space, is the aura of plasma that surrounds the sun. If you want to view the solar eclipse safely, use a filter that will limit ultra violet and infrared energy, both of which can cause damage and even blindness to the unprotected eye. You can order inexpensive paper glasses that have special filters for viewing the eclipse, use shade 14 welder glasses, or create a pinhole projection box for indirect viewing. Many local businesses and libraries in Boise are selling affordable paper glasses for viewing the eclipse. 

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