Agent FAQs

Agent FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACCEL’s mission?

We exist to improve the way real estate professionals approach their future by providing a model where the Agent is fully empowered to achieve the greatest success, however that may be defined.

We believe anyone has the potential to be an effective entrepreneur, and those partnered with a supportive culture and the best technology will rise above.

Our purpose is to help business owners increase profitability and relevance in all market conditions through advanced marketing and global networks. Accel will continue to push forward, innovate beyond the norm, and create the acceleration our industry needs.

Who is the ideal ACCEL Agent?

The Accel Agent is characterized as a forward-thinking entrepreneur who views real estate as the best way to own their own business and set their own destiny. They are focused and have goals, including documented means to close at least 8 transactions a year. They work solo or contribute to a team. The Accel Agent is naturally empowered, always innovating, and thinks like a leader. They will most likely operate under a business entity and advantageous tax structure. They are open to mastering new methods of working and they know how to plug into systems to effectively run their business.

The Accel Agent is a self-starting and directed personality type; a professional who values on-demand support and state-of-the-art resources. They seek learning and are attracted to real estate platforms that allow them a high-level of autonomy in how they promote their brand. They believe in the “powered by” model offered by Accel. They are mission-driven, relationship motivated, and want more impact and influence in their life. They have a history of success with integrity at their core. They are spiritually minded, no matter how that faith may be defined. They are enjoyable to be with, good communicators, respected amongst their peers, and exemplify selfless acts and humility through their demeanor.

The Accel Agent will, and always has been, a proven advocate of doing the right thing and building partnerships based on trust.

What makes ACCEL different?

Accel is 100% debt-free. Not only do we own and control the majority of our technology systems, there is no part of our company leveraged with credit or a mortgage. In today’s environment, this is more important than ever. The decisions we make are not driven by the demands of our monthly bills. We are free to employ a strategy that is in the best interest of our Agents. If a superior technology or service offering comes along, our well-capitalized position means we can take action.

We believe Agents need 7 days a week live support. We know residential real estate operates outside of traditional business hours. The majority of our systems support your business on-demand, meaning right when you need it. With Accel,  you can learn, prospect, market properties, and be supported at your own pace 24/7.

We are “Technology Agnostic”.  This means we believe that technology is continuously evolving and what worked well two years ago may not work well today. It means we are not tethered to any particular software by a franchise agreement or long-term contract. We are free to build the tech stack that works best for our Agents based on the value offered.  Our technology platforms are always software that rates “Best-in-Class” by unbiased and respected industry ranking services. Vendors such as Moxiworks, Skyslope, Inside Real Estate, Placester, Market Intelligence, and others. Our financial position makes it so when these providers offer upgrades, we are usually the first to implement.

We believe you own your “Data”. We are very serious about this. Your data is your data, period. This means any contact, phone number or email address entered into any system we provide to you is not shared, disseminated, or retained. Not on any server or for use by any person in our company. We will put this in writing.

We believe in a relational business model. We strive for loyalty, good feelings, and inclusion. We know Agents need a culture of trust to build successful businesses. Favoritism, politics, and preferential treatment do not build a good company culture.

How can ACCEL offer so much?

The answer is “time” and “money”. Accel’s leadership has a long history in brokerage operations. Our principal has founded and built real estate companies for over two decades. During that time, through various market conditions, what makes Agents successful (both professionally and personally) has been learned. Accel is the culmination of every experience and best practice to date. Agents need a supportive and trusting environment, in addition to open access, the best tools, training, and technology.

Our founder was paying attention to many of today’s best technologies when they were in their infancy. Through early participation in beta groups with companies such as Skyslope, and Inside Real Estate we were able to secure strategic pricing that is not available today. These types of cost savings are part of the reason why we can offer so much for what we charge Agents.

Secondly, we can offer so much because we are well-capitalized and carry no debt. This reality can’t be understated, and it means we are able to make decisions that are in the best interest of our Agents. No matter what market conditions arise, we make company decisions based on opportunity, not fear.

What is “The Zone”?

Forget work-from-home. How about work-from-anywhere. The Zone is a cloud-based, virtual operating platform providing you access to an online suite of the #1 rated technologies and operating systems. It is a mobile-enabled hub for your business success- offering sales tools, multi-channel support, online education, marketing materials, a knowledge base, and a place to connect with other Agents.

The mobile-enabled portal is Accel’s proprietary dashboard where all your data is safe. It provides everything you need to be productive in one convenient place 24/7. Think of it as an energy drink for your real estate business.

Do you hire any Agent?

This is an age-old question that every real estate brokerage likes to answer with an emphatic “No”.  The reality is most companies will hire you on two conditions; 1.) a heartbeat, and 2.) an active debit card.

Kidding aside, we only hire Agents who will be a cultural fit for our company. It must be a win-win, where both parties will benefit equally. The Agents we hire must believe in our Client-Centric Mission and match our Agent Identity. We have, and will continue to make, exceptions for those who come from professional backgrounds and have a proven track record of previous success in another industry.

To schedule an in-person meeting or to learn more submit this form.

Does ACCEL offer Transaction Management?

Yes, we offer both “Transaction Assist” and traditional “Transaction Management” based on your needs (for an additional fee).  Many Agents utilize these options as they would prefer to focus on servicing their clients rather than chasing paperwork.

What is the “Accel Luxury Collection”?

The Accel Luxury Collection is a department within our company that focuses on world-class design, beautiful marketing, and proprietary digital exposure. It allows our Agents to showcase their qualified luxury homes at an unprecedented level. With a long tradition of success selling dozens of $1M+ homes, the collection offers an extraordinary level of quality and service. Each of our Luxury Agents are skilled in the art of representing unique homes. Our advertising materials, international exposure, and dedication to perfection ensure each property reaches the right buyers, both locally and globally.

Qualifying as an Accel Luxury Collection Specialist authorizes our Agent to use the title and logo in their personal branding and marketing efforts. Agents will be entitled to use the Accel Luxury Collection print collateral and service mark on business cards, stationery, and other materials. Additionally, Agents will be featured as a luxury collection member on websites such as and

What brokerage support is offered?

We offer multiple levels of support, available 7 days a week. We have dedicated communication portals for general support, administration, transactions, and marketing questions, in addition to two full-time Brokers – a Designated Broker and a Managing Broker, each with decades of experience.

We provide the technology to support you in real-time via remote applications like Zoom and The Zone. We play an active role in your success as our support functions are on-demand, meaning you will have an answer to your question within minutes.

Is there a new Agent or Mentor program?

Yes. We offer one of the most comprehensive mentorship programs of any real estate company. Our success is vested in your success, and we want our Agents to have the blueprint to build a lasting business. Your dedicated Mentor will work with you individually, matching your personality with our technology systems,  action plans, and training videos. You will cover the basics such as lead generation, writing contracts, and taking a Client from the first meeting all the way to closing.  Learn More.

Our Mentor Program was the start of many successful Agents. Just ask, and we’ll introduce you to a few people who started as “Mentees” and graduated to independent business owners. (You can speak with them personally about the experience and hear why they would have done it no other way.)

Do you offer ongoing training?

Yes. In addition to scheduled weekly training opportunities and “MasterMind Meetings,” we offer over 800 online real estate training videos for new, intermediate, and experienced Agents. We also offer webinar-based training several times per month through The Zone. For Agents looking for more personalized training, we offer a comprehensive Mentor Program.

What kind of technology do you offer?

Accel is an open-source company, meaning we are not shy about promoting who are technology partners are. A shortlist can be found here.

We offer a modern real estate experience, using best-in-class training, marketing tools, and virtual technology. With the ability to use any of our software tools from a link on your smartphone we never let our technology get stale. As an Agent, you will get access to “The Zone” – a cloud-based, digital platform providing you with an online suite of leading technologies. The Zone is an ever-advancing dashboard, providing all you need to be productive in one convenient place available 24/7.

Who owns the client data in the company software?

Check out the above question “What makes ACCEL different?“. The agent owns their data.  (This is something we strongly believe in as a company.) You own all of your client data. The brokerage does not have access to it through a CRM, command center, email server, or any marketing platform. While we do store it in our transaction system for IREC purposes, we do not disseminate it in any way whatsoever. Your clients and their data belong to you, and only you.

What are the commission splits and monthly fees?

We pride ourselves on being a transparent company where all information is out in the open.  All commission plans and Agent fees are spelled out clearly and posted here.

The only exception would be for those in a Mentor Program, which is a 70/30 or other split. More information on the Mentor Program can be found here.

Does ACCEL provide market data?

Yes, providing a variety of real estate data for your use with clients is a top priority. We provide up-to-the-minute market charts and real estate trending information in “The Zone”. These come from vendors such as Terradatum and Altos Research. In addition, Accel produces its own quarterly “State of the Market” report.

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

The set-up fee is $160 when you join the company. (This covers getting you set up on our multiple technology platforms.) There is a $48 per quarter E&O fee, and a $125 per year annual tech fee (due on your anniversary date). There are no franchise, desk, transaction, or other hidden fees.

If you choose to (and are qualified) to be an Accel Luxury Collection Specialist the annual fee is $999.

Can an Agent brand themselves?

Absolutely, we encourage it. Our goal is to empower fellow entrepreneurs, which includes the building of their individual brands.  We promote the personal development of our real estate professionals by supporting a culture that fosters pride of ownership. Read our Agent Identity.

How are commissions paid?

Your commissions are paid electronically to your bank account- usually within 24 hours of closing.

What are the options for an Agent website?

As an individual business owner, you are free to buy any website or online lead generation site you like.

As a company, we provide our Agents premier website options from vendors like Inside Real Estate and Placester.  These software companies are consistently rated highest in customer satisfaction, performance, and ease of use. They allow you to quickly launch a beautiful, mobile-ready real estate website that includes everything you need to market yourself online and get leads with features such as market reports, IDX, home valuation tools, blogging, and A.I. lead nurturing.

Can an Agent be part-time?

Sure, you are free to set your own schedule. We do ask that any part-time Agents structure their business and set professional goals to match our Agent Identity.

Are there pre-made marketing materials like listing presentations and relocation guides?

Absolutely. As a company, we spend thousands of dollars a year creating our own client materials for our Agents to use. They are unique to Accel and found nowhere else. We provide a Listing Presentation, Buyer’s Handbook, and Relocation Guide to each of our Agents every year, so they are always prepared to present at the highest level.

In addition, our online marketing center (Powered by Moxiworks) has hundreds of pre-made marketing materials. This is a one-stop platform for all your marketing needs—including print, video, social media, property websites, and more.

Can an Agent negotiate their commission with clients?

Sure, it’s your business to run as you like. We allow our Agents to set their own commission rates with clients. Today’s real estate environment is competitive and our Agents need the ability to be flexible when and if the need arises.

Are there monthly meetings and other brokerage events?

Yes, we have a Monthly Office Meeting on the second Tuesday of every month from 9:30am to 11:30am and we encourage all Agents to attend.  On all other Tuesdays, we have a Zoom meeting open to all Accel Agents from 9:30am to 10:30am.

Being sponsors of the BRR, WCR, and other organizations mean we have access to industry events many times per month. Training and other happenings can be found on the Event Calendar in The Zone.

Is the brokerage part of a global network?

Yes, we are part of a global luxury real estate affiliation called  Leverage Global Partners.  This is a network of exclusive independent real estate firms around the world who offer local expertise on a global scale.  If you’ve watched “Selling New York” on HGTV or “Million Dollar Listing” on Bravo, stars on those shows are Agents with affiliates in Leverage Global Partners.

How are Agent listings promoted by the brokerage?

Every new listing in the brokerage automatically enters a marketing software where the data from the MLS is used to create over 30 pieces of print and digital marketing. These pieces are emailed to the Agent within minutes of a listing going live.

All Accel listings are automatically “push syndicated” to approximately 1600 web sites (covering 99.3% of North American online search traffic). We also distribute listings over $750,000 to a number of luxury websites, such as DuPont Registry, PropGo, Luxury Alliance, Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global,, and others through our affiliation with Leverage Global Partners.

Our Agents have the option to request that their new listings get promoted via social media through a submission portal in The Zone (which also can be used for Open Houses and other announcements).

What is the company culture like?

Our hope is that you will find the culture is centered around empowering and advancing the next generation of real estate professionals. We believe in a relational business model and strive for high motivation, inclusion, and good energy.  Agents need a culture of trust to build successful businesses. We know that politics, special deals, and preferential treatment do not sustain culture.

Since the word can mean so many different things, we invite anyone who is interested to reach out and talk to one of our Agents. We also invite you to attend a training or meeting to see if Accel is the right place for you.

Is it easy to onboard at Accel?

Our onboarding is a documented and straightforward process. This ensures that you will join our company with the least amount of hassle and have immediate opportunities to grow your business. Our Agent Concierge will help you with any branding changes in addition to a comprehensive orientation to The Zone and our company culture.

Like our ongoing Agent support, we are available 7 days a week and after hours to service your needs. This includes talking about or making a change to join Accel.

May I submit a question?

We welcome questions. Send us an email info@accelrealtypartners or fill out this form.


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