Agent FAQs

Agent FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support is offered?

There are multiple levels of support, available 7 days a week. We have dedicated people for contract, administration, transaction, and marketing questions in addition to two full-time Brokers – a Designated Broker and a Managing Broker, each with years of experience.

We provide the technology to support you in real time via remote applications like Zoom screen share and live chat. We play an active role in your success. Most of our support functions are on demand, meaning you will have an answer to your question within minutes.

Is there a new agent mentorship program?

Yes. We offer one of the most comprehensive Mentorship Programs of any real estate company. Our success is vested in your success, and we want our Agents to have the blueprint to build a lasting business. Your dedicated Mentor will work with you individually, matching your personality with our technology systems,  action plans, and training videos. You will cover the basics such as lead generation, writing contracts, and taking a Client from the first meeting all the way to closing.  Learn More.

Our Mentor Program was the start for many successful Agents. Just ask, and we’ll introduce you to a few people who started as “Mentees” and graduated to independent business owners. (You can speak with them personally about the experience and hear why they would have done it no other way.)

Do you offer ongoing training?

Yes. In addition to monthly training opportunities, we offer hundreds of online real estate training videos for new, intermediate, and experienced Agents. We also offer webinar-based training several times per month on our technology systems. For Agents looking for more personalized training, we offer a comprehensive Mentor Program.

What kind of technology do you offer?

We offer a modern real estate experience, using the best-in-class training, marketing tools, and virtual technology. From the ability to use any of our software from a link on your smartphone to owning our own Matterport 3-D VR Camera, we never let our technology get stale.

As an Agent you will get access to “The Zone” – a cloud-based, digital platform providing you with an online suite of leading technologies and virtual operating systems. It is a mobile-enabled hub for your success- offering sales tools, online education, branding materials and best of all, a place to connect with fellow Agents. The Zone is a proprietary and ever-improving dashboard, providing all you need to be productive in one convenient place.

Learn more here.

Who owns the client data in the company software?

The agent owns it. Period. (This is something we strongly believe in as a company.) You own ALL of your client data. The brokerage does not have access to it through a CRM or any marketing platfrom. While we do store it in our transaction system, we do not disseminate it in any way whatsoever. Your clients and their data belong to you, and only you.

What are the commission splits and monthly fees?

We pride ourselves on being a transparent company.  All commission plans and Agent fees are spelled out clearly and posted on our public website. (view here)

The only exception would be for those in a Mentor Program, which is a 70/30 or other split. More information on the Mentor Program can be found here.

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

The set-up fee is $160 when you join the company. (This covers getting you set up on our multiple technology platforms.) There is a $48 per quarter E&O fee, and a $125 per year annual tech fee (due on your anniversary date).  There are NO hidden fees.

Can an agent brand themselves?

Absolutely. Our goal is to empower fellow entrepreneurs, which includes the building of their individual brands.  We encourage personal development of our real estate professionals by supporting a culture that fosters a pride of ownership.

How are commissions paid?

Your commissions are paid by either a wire transfer to your bank account, or a check at closing from the title company.  Whatever works best for you.  🙂

What are the options for an agent website?

As a business owner, you are free to get any website you like and pay for online lead generation.

As a brokerage, we provide our Agents with technology from KVcore and  These solutions allows you to quickly launch a beautiful, mobile-ready real estate website that includes everything you need to market online and catpture leads such as IDX, hosting, home value, blogging, and lead nuture.

Can an agent be part-time?

Yes, you can work full time or part time. We do ask that any part-time Agents close at least two transactions a year.

Are there pre-made marketing materials like listing presentations and relocation guides?

Absolutely! In addition to our online marketing center that has hundreds of pre-made marketing materials we provide a Listing Presentation, Buyer’s Handbook, and Relocation Guide to each of our Agents every year , so they are always ready when opportunities arise.

Can an agent negotiate their commission with clients?

Sure, it’s your business to run as you like. We encourage our Agents to set their own commission rates with their clients. Today’s real estate environment is competitive and our Agents need the ability to be flexible when necessary.

Are there monthly meetings and other brokerage events?

Yes, we have a Monthly Office Meeting on the second Tuesday of every month from 9:30am to 11:30am and we encourage all Agents to attend. We have a weekly conference call called the “Tuesday Acceleration” every Tuesday at 9:30am where we review a training video or other topic.

Being sponsors of the BRR, WCR, and other organizations means we have industry events at least twice a week. All trainings and happenings can be found on the Event Calendar in “The Zone”.

Is the brokerage part of a global network?

Yes, we are part of a global luxury real estate affiliation.  Leverage Global Partners is a network of exclusive independent real estate firms around the world who offer local expertise on a global scale.  If you’ve watched “Selling New York” on HGTV or “Million Dollar Listing” on Bravo, the stars of those shows are Agents with our affiliates in Leverage Global Partners.

What is a smart office?

“Smart Office” is the concept we offer to our Agents.  These locations are enjoyable work spaces with meeting rooms and all the technology needed to efficiently conduct your real estate business.

In the modern world we live in many Agents prefer to find outside offices to lease for them and/or their teams as this allows for increased focus without distraction.


How are agent listings promoted by the brokerage?

Every new listing in the brokerage automatically goes through a marketing creation software. This is where we take the data that is being fed from the local MLS and use it to create 28 pieces of print and digital marketing for the Agent.  These pieces are emailed to the Agent within 2-3 hours after the property is live in the MLS.

All of our Agent’s listings are automatically “Push Syndicated” to approximately 1550 web sites (covering 99.3% of North American online search traffic). We also distribute listings over $750,000 to a large number of luxury sites, such as DuPont Registry, PropGo, Luxury Alliance, Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global and others through Leverage Global Partners.

Our Agents have the option to request that their new listings get promoted via social media channels through our company submission portal in The Zone, which also can be used for Open Houses and other announcements.

What is the company culture like?

Hopefully, you will find the culture is centered around empowering and advancing the next generation of real estate professionals.

Culture can mean so many different things that we invite someone who is interested to reach out and talk to any of Our Agents. We also invite you to attend a training or company meeting to see for yourself if Accel Realty Partners is the right fit.


Is it easy to move my license to Accel?

Beyond easy. Give us a call and we can move your license on the same day. Our concierge will help you with any branding (or re-branding) changes in addition to a comprehensive orientation to our systems and culture. We’ll even provide you with the email to send to your ex-broker to avoid any uncomfortable conversation.


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