Everything You Need to Know Before Listing Your Idaho Home For Sale

Everything You Need to Know Before Listing Your Idaho Home For Sale

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Everything around us is cyclical: seasons, styles of clothes, and even the real estate market. There are good times to sell your home, and there are bad times to sell your home, no matter how hot the individual market may be.

It takes lots of experience and hard data to know what determines the best times to sell. Luckily, here at Accel Realty Partners, we have both.

For Idaho buyers, it’s practically impossible to find a bad choice for your new home. This is because the Idaho real estate market as a whole is red hot.

Over the past year, Idaho home values have risen an tremendous 17.2%, and are expected to rise another 9.8% in 2020, making Idaho real estate a better investment than Apple stock.

You’ll want to time the market as best you can so you can make a good investment. That’s why you need an agent at Accel Realty Partners who can give you the numbers you need and guide you into the best selling season.

The Best Time to Sell in Idaho

Idaho homes are selling for record prices at record speeds. Most homes sell in less than 30 days! What can you do to achieve this goal as well?

Timing is everything. The best months to sell your home are between April and July. Selling in this window may allow you to sell your home up to 13 days faster than the yearly average of 30 days, whereas selling in a slower month like February, it will likely take you up to 24 days longer than the average to sell.

If you’re selling in that Spring/Summer prime time, you also need to decide which day to list. Many experts suggest that Thursday is the best day to put your home up for sale, because many buyers are looking at listings toward the end of the week in preparation for a weekend of open houses.

Keep in mind that the earlier in the week you list, the farther down the list your home will be pushed.

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Tips for Helping Your Idaho Home Sell Faster

Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the country, so there’s obviously things that attract people to here. An important thing is to showcase these things that people love about Idaho. Many people move to the Gem State, or stay here, because of the unprecedented natural beauty. With magnificent mountains and miles of green forest, sellers should take full advantage of this backdrop. Many sellers in Idaho have had success using aerial drones to make a video presentation of their home to remind buyers of everything they’d be buying into, over and above the home itself.

Not only do you want to show off the area around your home, but you’ll also want to stage the inside of your home. Decorate it with neutral colors and remove all personal belongings. Make it easy for potential buyers to envision themselves living there.

Going along with staging, you may also want to remodel some areas of your home. Most importantly would be the kitchen, and second, the bathroom. The kitchen is the room that buyers pay attention to the most, but an outdated and broken bathroom could be the fastest turn off.

And lastly, price your home fairly. Pricing too high will just prolong your selling process, and chances are you’ll end up lowering the price later anyway. Your agent at Accel Realty Partners will help guide you to a fair price by sharing information with you about the other homes selling in your area.

With supply of homes staying lower than the high demand, doing these things could help sellers receive multiple bids above asking price, which is a common thing here in Idaho.

To maximize your profits when selling your Idaho home, you’ll want a Realtor who knows the market inside and out. Contact an agent at Accel Realty Partners today for a professional experience that will put your selling worries at ease.

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