Enhancing Your Curb Appeal

Enhancing Your Curb Appeal


Fall is the Perfect Time to Spruce Things Up!

To make a great first impression to guests or potential buyers visiting your home (or just random people passing by), you will need to raise your curb appeal. Your curb appeal is how attractive and appealing your house is from the outside. This will make people want to see what the inside of your home holds. There are many ways to improve your curb appeal, and much of them are low-cost renovations that only takes a day, a weekend, or a month to complete.  You can always attend a home show to get some ideas, but here are some simple ways to enhance your curb appeal tenfold!



Decorate the Front Door

Since this specific door is the focal point of your home’s curb appeal, it’s important to make it stand out from the rest of the structure. Give the front door a nice paint job with a bright color, turn it into a custom wooden door, or put something like a wreath or other decoration on that reflects the home’s interior (as well as your personal tastes). Also, make sure that the door is clean and polished, especially the door handle.

Replace Old Hardware

This can include anything outside like your house numbers, the front door lockset, your wall-mounted mailbox, or your overhead lights. This will give your home some added style. If any of your hardware is old, rusted, or out-of-date, replace it!

Make Everything Symmetrical  

It’s pleasing to the eye, simple to arrange, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for those who wish to enter. Put a small tree on either side of the door, or hang matching lanterns on either side to create an elegant look to any front patio.

Install Outdoor Lighting

If you put in some low-voltage lighting, it will instantly boost your curb appeal. At the same time, lighting provides safety and security for your home. You can also put lights in your trees, or create a nice walking path with lights to guide the way. Solar powered lights in the flowerbeds or up the walkway are super efficient and look great at night!

Plant a Container Garden

This will add a welcoming and colorful environment to your home and are quick, affordable, and beautiful to look at. You can buy them at a local garden center, or you can create your own with your favorites! Create a dual purpose container garden by planting herbs that you can use for cooking!



Add an Arbor or Decorative Fence

This will enhance not only your curb appeal but also your garden. You can find these in either easy-to-build kits or prefab sections (which takes just a few simple connections to assemble). To make it stand out even more, paint or stain it to match your house.

Outdoor Art

This can be anything from birdbaths and wind chimes, to small sculptures, metal cutouts, and much more. You could even have water features like fountains to make hot days seem a little cooler. You can find amazing local outdoor art that is weather resistant at Treasure Valley events such as Art in the Park and the Saturday Market in Downtown Boise! Click here to read more about the Downtown Saturday Market!

Add Accent Shutters or Window Trim

This gives your house an added layer of beauty and elegance. Depending on what kind of shutters you get, you can control the amount of light and ventilation into your home, provide more security, and decrease maintenance on your windows (since they last for a long time).



Renew your Paint, Siding, Trim

Doing this can completely transform an old and worn home into a beautiful masterpiece. Once you transform your home, keep up with small maintenance every so often to keep your curb appeal nice and sharp. If everything is up to par, you can also add color, trimming, or shingles to make your home stand out more and present your personality to the world.

Redo the Driveway

Repair any cracks or stains, kill any weeds growing near the cracks, stain the concrete, and/or put in new pavement (if it is made of asphalt). If you need more room to park multiple vehicles, you can also add brick or stone to widen the driveway a little bit (and create some style in the process).

Build a Walkway

You can put in one as simple as concrete to something more extravagant like stone or brick. No matter what you choose to do with this walkway, it will add some flair to your curb appeal.

Upgrade Railings

If not treated properly, railings can rust or deteriorate. Try looking for quality wood or metal to replace what you already have. This will both raise your curb appeal and the safety of your steps.


If you’re looking for even more ideas to spruce up your curb appeal, click here to read more!


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