Elevate Your Basement!

Elevate Your Basement!

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9 Awesome Things to do with an Unfurnished Basement!


If you have a basement that is need of a serious makeover (or just some nice furniture to spice things up for your home), here are a few ideas to make your basement a great place to relax and have some fun!

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The Ultimate Exercise Room

Most basements have a concrete floor, so if you are wanting a somewhat comfortable space to work out, a great idea is to lay down foam floor mats. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, which come together to make the perfect floor puzzle. If you’re tired of it after a while, they are easy to pick up and move somewhere else or to store away. Once you have the foam floor set up, you can put in all of your favorite exercise machines and other equipment in the basement. This way, you will have the perfect at-home gym (and save a lot of money that would have been spent on a gym membership).


The Art Studio

Do you like painting, drawing, or making pottery? If your basement is old and stuffy, there is no reason that you can’t have a little fun being messy! Transform your basement into a creative art studio. Here, you can use all of the paint, glitter, chalk, and other materials that you want, and not have to worry about cleaning it up in the process (they will just add a bit of color and personality to the room!). Place easels, chalkboards, and your bins full of supplies all over the room for easy access.


The Workshop

If you like fixing up things, you can work your magic here in this ultimate workshop! Put in a desk for working on your projects, shelves, and pegs to hang all of your tools, and, of course, plenty of cabinets for screws and bolts. The sturdy concrete floor of your basement will make it perfect for cleaning up any mess that you may make. Once you have everything set up the way you want it, you will have no trouble finding the things you need for both minor and major fix-ups.


The Home Theatre

Do you want to enjoy your movies in the comfort of your home, but you still want quality sound just like the movie theatre? Now you can! Put up a big screen TV, install a surround sound system, and put in shelves stocked full of your favorite movies. Set up some nice recliners, or put down a few bean bag chairs (whatever makes you the most comfortable!). No more spending tons of money for popcorn and movie tickets! To make an even better experience, you can buy yourself a popcorn machine to make your own movie quality snack (make sure there’s lots of butter!).


The Game Room

If you have a bigger basement than most, a perfect way to make use of the space is by putting in a whole bunch of different games for all to enjoy! Put in a pool table for a fun game of billiards, set up a ping-pong table, make an arcade full of pinball machines, or set up your video game system on a big screen TV. Other ideas can be to put all of your kids’ toys down there for the ultimate playroom or to make use of the area by creating the perfect fort for family night (playing card games, board games, etc.).


The Storage Room

If you have a ton of items that aren’t in use, you can always turn your basement into a nice storage room. Put in a bunch of cabinets and shelves for unused holiday decorations, old or out-of-season clothes, and even food storage. You can also store anything that you are eventually going to sell or things that have sentimental value that you want to keep in a safe place. You could also use a label creator to make sure everything is organized (no more losing important documents or old memories)! Have an extra closet in your basement? Click here for tons of ideas on how to utilize that spare space!


The Showroom

Do you have a lot of memorabilia that you want to show off to your guests? Transform your basement into the perfect showroom! Place shelves, cases, and stands to display all sorts of collectible items (action figures, sports cards, and other memorabilia, themed plates or cups, artwork, and so much more!). If you want to get really fancy, you can even have plaques that label all of your items.


The Music Room

Do you like to play music, but feel as though you have no space to practice? Turn your basement into a music room filled with your favorite instruments. Put in a drum set, guitar stand, or even a grand piano! Hold a band practice in there to sharpen your skills and become the best band in the neighborhood (or practice your own skills to impress your guests when they come over).


The Bar

If you want to have a nice place to drink and relax with friends, your basement can easily become a fun bar! Put in some well-stocked shelves, a wine cooler, a countertop, and some comfy stools to create the perfect atmosphere to have a good time with even better company. You can also put in some cool artwork and a TV to watch sports to make it seem like you are actually in a bar! No need to take a taxi home. You’re already there!


These are only some of the hundreds of ideas you can use to transform your dull basement into a wonderful paradise. If you are wanting more ideas, feel free to check online or ask some of your friends and family what they would enjoy having. This way, you can not only entertain those you love, but you will have a special place to relax. Hopefully, these ideas are enough to get you started and to create a room that will become valuable in your everyday life.

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