Demanded Features in Luxury Homes

Demanded Features in Luxury Homes


Luxury homes have been in high demand in 2020 with people moving to Idaho from all over the country. Boise Idaho boasts a variety of luxury and executive homes and communities all across the valley. From waterfront homes to stylish downtown condos, learn which features luxury real estate buyers are looking for in their Idaho homes. Explore all Idaho homes for sale and surrounding area luxury homes for sale at


Waterfront homes provide spectacular views and a relaxing oasis for your family to enjoy. Also, recreational fun can be found for luxury home buyers. Idaho is riddled with a number of waterfront homes and communities. Enjoy a home on a private lake or pond, or be one of the lucky ones to live next to the Boise, Snake, or Payette River.


Crossfit Games Things to Do

With a home gym, there is no  waiting for your favorite exercise machines to free up or germs to clean up. Home gyms provide the benefits of working out in the comforts of your own home. There are a multitude of homes in the Boise area with areas large enough to be designated as gym space.


With the events of the last year, we’ve surely all been spending a little more time in the kitchen. Luxury home buyers are looking for more kitchen space, and not only for cooking but for entertaining and a place for people to congregate. Large islands and even double islands that expand the kitchen surface area or providing ample space for whatever purpose is needed are what people are looking for today. Accel sold a home with an incredible kitchen island.


Many of Idaho’s luxury homes can be found with some sort of a theatre or media room. Today’s luxury buyers are customizing these types space for the ultimate theatre experience and maximum comfort. You should look for Boise-area homes for sale with great home theaters and or media rooms.


Heated floors are no longer just for your bathroom. Luxury home buyers are expanding the need for heated floors to the entire home. A custom home feature, heated floors, have been shown to lower winter heating bills. A little warmth from the floor will allow homeowners to keep the thermostat lower and create an overall better feeling of comfort throughout the home.


Many luxury buyers are looking for ways to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. This dynamic provides a sense of the luxury vacation spirit anytime. More buyers are in search of features that provide a comfortable area to relax while enjoying fresh air and the beauties of the outdoors. With a luxurious indoor-outdoor space, feel as if you are in a beautiful resort in your own backyard.


Spa-like bathrooms create a relaxing and inviting experience within your own home. Luxury buyers in Idaho are serious when it comes to their high-end bathrooms. Features like floating shelving, walk-in showers with dual showerheads, and mounted TVs have become increasingly common in luxury bathrooms. Have the spa experience everyday in your luxury home bathroom.


Connecting electronic systems throughout the whole house, like A/C and alarm systems, represent the modern benefits in custom home construction. Enjoy the freedom of controlling elements in your home from your smartphone. These intelligent systems make your more secure and provide a seamless living environment. Popular home automation systems include home surround sound systems, smart thermostats, security systems, and customized lighting. Learn more about technology you can use to improve your home.


Luxury home buying not your thing? Learn how to decorate you house on a budget.


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