Decorating Your Home On a Budget

Decorating Your Home On a Budget

decorating your home on a budget


A small budget doesn’t need to limit your decorating dream plans. Using these strategies, you can create a compelling home without breaking the bank. A new home usually means a new look. But, your budget may be modest and you’re not sure how to keep your decor up to speed with the style of the new home.  To make this endeavor simpler, we’ve gathered the most economical tips for defining your interior design, shopping for deals, and getting the most inspiration from online services.

You don’t need to hire a professional. You have YOU and only you can really see your vision for your new home. And, you have WI-FI. With these resources, you can have your home looking like a model home in no time.

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Where to Look

Pinterest is the obvious depository for inspo, but it’s useless if you don’t know how to analyze your boards and specify exactly what you like about the ideas you’ve collected. Here’s how to make those Pinterest dreams a reality: Browse through your “Dream Home” boards and make lists of what you see popping up consistently. Maybe it’s a material like marble, a particular color, or a style of sofa. Whatever these consistencies are, write them down. And before you know it, this list has just specified your style.

Find a home store you love and determine why you love it. Is it the color palette of everything on display? Or maybe everything stems from a specific era or style of decorating? This is somewhat like consulting with an interior designer, because boutiques are curated with a professional stylistic point of view. You can even go to a home show to talk to vendors for free and hear their suggestions and see their displays. Click here to learn more about home shows in the Treasure Valley.

Once you’ve figured out what’s appealing about it to you, go back to your Pinterest boards and see if it helps concentrate your and list further. What common tones did you like on Pinterest and in the store? What about patterns and materials? What types of wall accents or unique furniture stood out to you online and in person?

Other social media is great for more than just inspirational quotes and keeping up with friends and celebrities. Follow designers, architects, real estate brands like Accel Realty Partners, home stagers, and local boutiques for tips, new resources, deals, and fresh inspiration. All of these pages will show you professional designs for the interior and exterior of your home. You can also follow blogs that write about interior design and all-things-home-related. Click here for some fun ideas to incorporate in your new home design.

Now you have a clear image in mind of what you want your final product to be, and the best part is, you haven’t spent any money on a consultant or a designer. You are ready to start shopping!

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How to Get the Best Prices

First, give yourself permission to go slow. Finding great deals requires some patience, and spending money on something that you don’t love just|simply to finish a project winds up being a waste of money, which is exactly what we’re avoiding! Here’s a two-step method for staying focused while you wait for sales and serendipity.

Make a master shopping list of everything you need. Include photos of inspiration to stay on track. Refer to this list whenever you’re shopping, whether in person or online. This will prevent you from making impulse purchases just because the price is reasonable.

Track sales. President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday are all great days for deep discounts, especially online. Mark the sale days on your calendar, then browse a site’s inventory well ahead of time to ID what you’ll buy and at what cost so you don’t spend the entire sale period waffling on a particular wool rug and end up missing the offer. Also, deciding beforehand and sitting on it gives you time to decide if you really need what you have your eye on. Don’t buy things just because you like them and they’re on sale. Buy what you have a specific place and use for. Buy what matches. Buy what you’ve been looking for. It’s also not a bad idea to sign up for email newsletters of the brands you like with the products you want. Wait until they send you a coupon to purchase something. Patience = money saved.

Don’t overlook searching secondhand. Of course there are some things you’ll prefer new, but it’s up to you to decide what. So don’t forget to check Craigslist, garage sales, staging sales, storage unit clear-outs, Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, and sometimes your friends will even sell things on their social media accounts. Have an open eye and know that you can alter anything you buy into what you have in mind. Buying things used opens the door to so many more original pieces and designs. You can find vintage or antique items, refurbished furniture, and unique things that will set your home apart from everyone else’s in the neighborhood.

DIY. If you decide that spending a little more time on a project is worth saving some money, do-it-yourself decorating is the way to go. There are plenty of online tutorials to follow and you can make pretty much anything from tables to artwork to picture frames. You can take something old and turn it into something entirely new. Take some of those things you bought at garage sales. It’s amazing what simply a paint job can do.

decorate your home on a budget

Putting It All Together

Be consistent. Once you have collected all of your dream decor, it’s time to arrange it in the most appealing way. Refer back to your Pinterest boards and see how the items were incorporated into their home. Are you going for a simplistic, symmetrical style? Or do you prefer something more bold and abstract? Maybe you’ve just decided to repurpose a spare room. But no matter what your project is, be consistent in the areas you’re redecorating.

Consider usability. Don’t forget, you still have to live and function in your home. Don’t put furniture in places where you might trip over it just because it looks nice there. And don’t hang wall art where it might easily fall and be broken. Of course you want your home to look up-to-date, but you also want it to be a functional living space.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can be the interior designer you almost paid for. You can have a stylish, unique home without going outside your budget. It just takes a little bit of patience, a good eye, and lots of creativity.


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