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Wyatt Gassiot

Wyatt Gassiot is an Associate with Accel. Wyatt has always been driven by an intense ambition that pushes him to excel in his efforts and accomplish any task placed in front of him. His entire life he has been successful in juggling multiple passions and responsibilities while continuing to look for the next step he can take to improve himself. Wyatt takes pride in being someone who views life with a positive attitude and a forward-moving momentum.

Wyatt is currently enrolled in the honors college at Boise State University in addition to being a real estate agent in the Treasure Valley. He is majoring in business marketing and plans to graduate spring of 2023. Wyatt has always had a passion for real estate but decided a college degree would push him to his best performance while also gaining skills and knowledge he can apply to his real estate career.

Being young, Wyatt has the freedom and flexibility to work with your needs and find solutions diligently. Additionally, Wyatt has always had acute attention to detail that proves to be useful throughout the minute intricacies of real estate. Having recently started in the market, Wyatt is full of energy and fresh knowledge he can use to succeed in any real estate undertaking.

Wyatt would be honored to take the first step towards your real estate goals with you.


“Wyatt Gassiot is one of the most amazing and motivated people that I have had the opportunity to get to know. He is hard working, driven and I have no doubt that he will help make others' home dreams come true! His positive disposition and outgoing personality make him very easy to talk to and he genuinely listens to get to know you. He will be in your corner, fighting to get you the best possible deal! Choose Wyatt, he's a Riot!” —Ashley Walton

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