Shannon Noble

Shannon Noble

Shannon Noble is a Partner at Accel Realty Partners. She has been in the real estate service industry in the Boise, Garden City, Idaho City, Meridian and Eagle real estate markets for many successful years. Anyone who knows her is confident that she will continue with many successful years ahead. Her longevity and confidence comes from extensive service to countless buyers and sellers. Those satisfied clients and their recommendations to others have resulted in repeat and referral business that keeps her productive and flourishing.

As a full service Boise, Garden City, Idaho City, Meridian, and Eagle real estate professional, Shannon works with buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions spanning all property types and price ranges. Her residential single family services including condominiums, connects buyers with sellers every day and she does it with professionalism and a total dedication to her clients. Shannon works with many investors that have become great clients. Multi–family and commercial properties are a very unique market. Her expertise and understanding of detailed returns on investment and valuation calculations are an asset to any client looking in these markets. She also has experience working with vacant land, another unique property types and transactions. Shannon has an outstanding ability to help clients visualize and realize the potential in a piece of land.

Shannon truly exemplifies the experienced agent with well-rounded experience in all areas of real estate. She looks forward to working with you on your next transaction.

Shannon has experience with residential condominiums and has extensive experience in evaluating the special financing and details with this property type.

Condominiums – While condominiums are residential, they’re a very different market focus, and I am an expert in evaluating condos and helping buyers and sellers to cope with the special financing and homeowner concerns for this property type.

Commercial – Whether it’s a shopping mall, a small office building or a restaurant space, I’m your commercial property specialist. Contact me for your commercial property needs in the Boise, Garden City, Idaho City, Meridian, and Eagle real estate markets.

Vacant Land – Land is a very special property class. It’s relatively easy to show a gourmet cook a wonderful commercial kitchen in a home and see their eyes light up. It’s more of a challenge to help a buyer or seller to realize the potential in a piece of land. I’m the best at it in the Boise, Garden City, Idaho City, Meridian, and Eagle real estate markets.

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