Nicolette Kimmel

Nicolette Kimmel

Nicolette Kimmel is Partner at Accel. The below are her words:

Real Estate, for me, is a combination of a passion project and natural professional development progression. And, if I’m being totally honest, an inevitability that I can blame on my Dad.”

Professional Development

I got my start in advertising/marketing at the age of 14 with my first job as a commercial photographer’s assistant.  My work included prop set up, design layout and lighting set up.  Eventually, I was taking photos that were published in marketing campaigns.  I continued to work with that company on and off for seven years.  After graduating from college I put my sociology/art/education degree to work as a special education assistant and behavioral therapist. It was wonderful work that I enjoyed but didn’t love.  I left the field and picked up freelance marketing jobs until I took full-time work as a marketing specialist at an engineering firm.

Passion Driven

Parallel to my 9 to 5 self, I’ve been investing in real estate since my early 20’s.  With the purchase of my first craftsman bungalow in 2004, that I turned for a good profit the next year, I’ve been hooked on real estate ever since.  I don’t know that I would be quite so knowledgeable or successful with those purchases if it weren’t for the guidance I got from my dad.

Since I was a tiny kid, my dad included me in all his home improvement projects.  He was a farm kid that learned how to fix anything, and he passed that attitude to me.  For him, no project was ever worth involving “the professionals”.  Consequently, I know a lot about home improvement, or at least enough to be dangerous.  He was always trying to teach me the “why” behind the work, and I learned to really appreciate the joy of homeownership.  With the various homes I’ve worked on, my focus is developing not only great livable space but also to bringing charm and warmth to each project because that truly what make a home come to life.

As your Agent

My clients come first.  If I learned anything from my years teaching, it’s that if you can’t meet a person on their level and really address their goals, the work won’t get done.  Listing and/or buying a home is definitely work.  In any market, a skilled and knowledgeable agent can take the bulk of that work and help deliver a great finished product.

When buying, I watch for those little details that you love and need in your daily routines.  Not only do I help with the searching homes and previewing them, but I research and evaluate those properties and provide you with qualitative information so you know you have a quality investment.

I bring a powerful combination for marketing savvy and a great sense of the value of your investment.  I walk the entire processes of the listing with you and really help you highlight the features of your home.  I’ll have a dynamic marketing plan that will bring you qualified buyers so you can move on to your next real estate adventure.”

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