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Nate Frazier

Nate Frazier is an Associate with Accel. As an Idaho native, he understands what makes Idaho such a special place to live and raise a family in. He has a beautiful wife with two young boys and enjoys spending time taking his family on adventures.

Before entering into real estate, Nate spent the better part of his 20’s in the food and beverage working as a Sommelier. A Sommelier prides themself on offering the highest level of service and knowledge in the hospitality industry with a large emphasis on food and wine pairings. He currently has a certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers. Working in the service industry, Nate has made it a point to go above and beyond for his guests to create a memorable experience. Working in hospitality, he has developed great communication skills and knows what it takes to work hard and offer excellent service.

Nate is eager to serve the amazing existing and the growing community of the Treasure Valley and showcase what Idaho has to offer.


“I have known Nate for almost fifteen years. During this time, Nate and I have solidified our friendship through the core bonds that bind all professional and personal relationships. He has a certain loyalty that is genuine and true in nature and it is central to any relationship. He has the integrity to do what is best, and he will always have you and your family’s best interests in mind. He is a caring man, one that puts his family first and carries those same values into his work. have no doubt that Nate will provide years of excellent service to our community.” —Alejandro M. Huerta

“Over the past few years, we have witnessed Nate’s personal and career aspirations. It’s no surprise, seeing Nate begin his Real Estate career. Nate organically serves others and simply wants to see them thrive. His kindness, honesty, and down to earth personality is what is needed in this industry and we look forward to watching him succeed. We are more than thrilled to recommend Nate to our closest friends, family and beyond. ” —Jared & Murial Arlotta

“I have known Nate for over eight years both in a personal aspect as well as a business contact. He has always been a professional person and an excellent man of character. Nate’s ability to relate to people and his expectation of excellence in his work has made him successful in his business endeavors.
Through Nate’s employment as a Sommelier, I was educated in the intense manner of wine making in an easy and enjoyable fashion. Nate’s attention to the specifics of the wines made it enjoyable to learn about them and easy to accept a recommendation. Nate is not only knowledgeable on the wine but takes the time to listen. I feel Nate’s manifestation of professionalism stems from who Nate is. A dedicated husband and father rooted in morals and integrity. I had a personal relationship with Nate before I got to know about his work life. Nate was the same in both home and work when it comes to the core values. He is honest and attentive always looking to do it better today than yesterday and I am glad to call him friend.
—Nalin Kesner

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