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Josh Hower is a top-producing Partner at Accel. He believes in helping you achieve your real estate goals and dreams, collaborating with you as a strategic partner.  He creates an individual approach with each client to help generate the results they seek.  Josh explores your thoughts and feelings, working with you to tailor solutions to meet your needs.  He is ready to show up, follow up, and introduce you to others who can help.  Working with you, and for you, Josh’s commitment is to bring value to your real estate journey.

About Global Good Real Estate™
Selling and buying real estate involves a significant financial transaction in a person’s life.  Josh sees this as a strategic opportunity to bring good to people in our community, and to communities around the world.  Along with providing distinctive, client-focused service, at no additional costs to the client, Josh’s family donates a percentage of all their business income to local and global humanitarian and philanthropic organizations.  His family sees the buying and selling of real estate as a way to love one’s neighbor.  He would love for you to be part of that.  Josh’s hope is to accelerate toward your dreams and hopes, while also accelerating global good.

Together, Agents of Change™.

About Josh:
Prior to serving people through real estate, Josh served as a Christian pastor for 14 years. Real estate is another exciting chapter in his life of helping others. He has been married to his gifted and beautiful wife Jennifer since 1999, who works as a teacher at Timberline High School. They are blessed with three beautiful children, Brooke, Luke, and John. The Hower family has lived in Pocatello, San Antonio, and now enjoys living in Southeast Boise.


“We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Josh Hower and the professionals that are a part of his team. From day one, Josh was nothing but the consummate professional. He has surrounded himself with people who are driven to get the job done and done correctly. After using a different agency the year before, we gave up hope of ever selling our house. After being off the market for almost a year, we decided to give Josh Hower the job. After meeting with his team we felt confident about a sale, knowing we had picked the right guy. We are happy to report that our house had two offers within 48 hours of listing, selling for over asking price and it's all because of Josh and his team. We are still in shock but ever so grateful that Josh Hower came into our lives when he did. If you are considering hiring a real estate agent, think Josh Hower! You will not be disappointed.” —Curt & Patti

“We enjoyed having Josh Hower as our agent to sell our home. He was very organized, detail minded, and always prompt in his communications with us. Josh's strength is in marketing the home. He arranged excellent photography, video and drone coverage of the home, scheduled open houses to show the home, and gave good advice re pre-inspection tasks and staging details. His efforts resulted in the sale of our home within 2 weeks of the sale listing, and we are pleased to be able to recommend him.” —Dave & Ruth

“As our real estate agent, Josh was nothing short of fabulous. He was extremely involved from start to finish as our agent. Whenever we needed to correspond, whether it be cell, text, or email, Josh always responded promptly, without question. He was extremely dedicated in all aspects of being our agent. Josh brought in many team members to help showcase our home and to get the maximum dollar amount for our property. Josh is a cut above in the real estate business. He goes the extra mile, and truly cares about representing his clients. We would definitely recommend Joshua Hower as your agent. ” —Frank & Susan

“Josh was upfront, honest, and knowledgeable when it came to our questions about the local area housing market, giving us confidence we were in good hands. Josh made us feel as though we were his primary focus during our house search.

Trust is something that is earned over time and not typically just handed out. In a day and age of online reviews I would say that I would definitely trust using Josh as your realtor as he will make you his number one priority during your transaction.

Josh was always willing to go above and beyond to help us in our search of a home. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but Josh has the expertise and team behind him to make the process as seamless as possible.

Realtors are a dime a dozen. To find a truly genuine person, not just a realtor out for a quick payday, but rather someone to help in your journey in buying or selling a home made our experience that much better.” —Paul & Katy

“Josh is a real estate agent with integrity. He did not hesitate to dedicate his time and knowledge to aid our efforts in finding a home. Josh is client-focused.
Throughout the whole process, there was a general feeling of transparency and honesty over the course of our interactions together.” —Jordan & Kim

“Josh is a sincere, caring and focused individual. He is enthusiastic, resourceful and dependable and works hard to accomplish any task he undertakes.” —Jenny

“Josh is truthful, has integrity, and is honest. He will always be on your side. ” —Greg

“As our Listing Agent, Josh showed a level of communication that was timely, addressed our concerns and made us feel like a team. Josh had a good plan and worked with us as sellers.
We felt he and his team provided a professional plan to sell that met our needs and the current market. He gave us options, answered our questions, and provided guidance when needed. Josh had a competent team of professionals around him. They assisted where needed but were not pushy. We appreciated their help. Josh is a people person that cares about the relationship before the sale. His integrity and work ethic come together to provide a quality experience before, during, and after the sale. If you want a real estate agent that provides quality customer care combined with a team that truly understands the Boise market, Josh is your guy. My wife and I would highly recommend Josh.” — David and Susan

“We recently made plans to relocate to the Treasure Valley and had the good fortune to work with Josh Hower. Josh provided us with sound guidance & council & became a true partner with us on our journey to find a new home. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who is relocating to Boise.” —Jeff and Leah

“Our family moved to the Boise area in May 2018 from Wichita, Kansas. Looking for a home was tantamount and first on the ‘to do list’. Without help, we realized searching for a home was difficult, to say the least, especially with the rapid growth of the economy. Housing was much more expensive than Kansas and without an Agent, we were frustrated. One day we saw an ‘open house’ sign, decided to take a glance, and we formally met Josh Hower, Josh made us feel very comfortable in the immediate surroundings.
Josh is dedicated to finding ‘HOMES’ for people, not just houses. He works to make the house search end in a ‘HOME’. A home that fits as comfortable as your most favorite shoe. For us, Josh made himself available at any time, always supplying information for assessment to our questions and addressing the answers. Preparation was foremost and he was steadfast in the process. Every day, for Josh, the search was a personal expedition into research and study of the Treasure Valley housing market pulling vital information from every source one could imagine. Very rarely did a day go by, that we didn’t hear from him in a form of call or text. Always, Josh saw opportunity in nearly every piece of property; these prospects were discussed and eliminated accordingly. Josh was very accommodating to us setting up walkthroughs. Pricing was the other issue for us. Josh was willing to negotiate 24/7. For some agents, the art of the sale totally defines them. But for Josh, it is about his integrity and the sale is just part of the involvement and negotiations. His technique is alliance to his purchasers however, he listens to the comments of both negotiating parties understanding what move will be effective. He will take notes on each house visited for comparisons. Josh has a team of local companies and institutions as well as lending agents for convenience should you request the services. We chose a VA loan with his support team. Many homes were overpriced in the market and with his knowledge and drive our home was discovered… passing VA appraisal. My family and I would recommend trusting Josh Hower and Global Good Real Estate to anyone interested in finding their Idaho dream home. Josh is down to earth, friendly, a person who believes in a strong conviction of faith. Respect and dignity for all people/lifestyles endear him as the ‘Best Real Estate agent’ ever. In this fast-paced housing market, we would highly recommend that you meet Josh Hower to see for yourself.” —Kenneth and Jeannine

“In the summer of 2018 my wife and I spent some time in the Boise area to see if it would be a possible place for us to retire. Josh was ever attentive to our needs and never seemed to mind the odd hours phone calls and questions that we had. When our house that was for sale cleared the contingency period we made a trip to Boise and Josh cleared his schedule for a couple days and was at our service as we attempted to find 'our Boise home'. Josh was our champion during the offer and acceptance period!! He skillfully and professionally guided us through the paperwork and was able to stand in for us when needed. Through this whole process Josh was the best!! Patiently answering our every question and provided support to our needs in a patient way!! Thanks again to Josh and the friendship we have developed. ” —Bruce and Cindy

“Josh and his company worked tirelessly from the start to help us. He listened and was passionate about our circumstances. He was easily reachable at any time and went the extra mile to provide excellent customer service and relations. If you have had previous bad experiences, or are a first time home buyer, I would strongly recommend Josh as he does an amazing job.” —Previous Client

“I believe this is our 7th time purchasing a house. It is the 6th time selling one. We believe Josh has been our best agent on both sides – selling and buying. We felt the whole time that Josh was in this to build a relationship, not simply sell our house. He stated that when we first met him but then proved it with the way he took care of us. Josh was always graceful, respectful, and we knew he had our back at every turn in this process. Josh worked hard and did everything he could to be on call for us whenever we needed him. He was always there for us. We spent so much time with Josh, he has become a close friend. We appreciate him immensely! We would recommend Josh and Global Good Real Estate without hesitation!

—Lee & Heather

“Working with Josh was perhaps the best Realtor experience I've ever had (10+ transactions). Amazing experience working with Josh. ” —Clark

“Going into the first meeting, my fiancé and I were nervous about what to expect. From the first handshake, rather than immediately diving into our budget, Josh proceeded to ask about us about our hobbies, and what our plans for life were. He genuinely cares about helping you find a home. Our relations with Josh could be best described as authentic and sincere. No matter how difficult your circumstances might be, he was always looking for alternative solutions and facing challenges with you head on.” —Previous Client

“We’re so glad we went with Josh as our Realtor! He has extensive knowledge of the Treasure Valley Market and guided us to make educated decisions when listing our home. He rolled out the red carpet for us and hired several forms of media to market our home. Thanks to Josh our home sold within days for the highest price per square foot our neighborhood had ever seen! He single-handedly set the standard for all futures sales in our area. Josh will definitely be our go-to guy for any future real estate transactions. ” —Jake and Hannah

“A trusted friend recommended Josh Hower to us when we began our house hunt and we could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. From the beginning, Josh was an indispensable source of support and information. Real estate transactions can be nerve-wracking and complicated, so it’s important to work with an agent you truly feel you can trust and will prioritize your best interests. Josh is a man of admirable character. He is gracious, composed, resourceful, honest, communicative, and hospitable. He does an amazing job serving his clients and we recommend him to anyone in the treasure valley looking for a realtor.
- ” —Matt and Gabriella

“So many nice things to say about our experience. Josh was helpful every step of the way. He was efficient and meticulous in ensuring the listing was correct, going above and beyond in services provided. Josh did everything perfect for the listing. The photography, the staging, the verbiage for the listing, holding the open houses to negotiating multiple offers, Josh was present, engaged and always had our best interest and goals in mind. Josh would always say your goals are my goals, and that was absolutely true. Someone looking for a high integrity Realtor, who follows through, puts in the hours, researches, finds resources to fix issues should connect with Josh Hower and Global Good Real Estate. Josh is committed, will follow through, and show great communication. I would say Josh, Global Good Real Estate and his brokerage set the bar for our expectations in real estate transactions. Josh always communicated, we never doubted any information, he was very detail oriented, went the extra mile with marketing, ensured the house showed well and protected our interests every step of the way. Selling multiple homes with Josh, he is one of the nicest, genuine, and sincere people we know. Josh is consistent, reliable, always did what he said he would do. We sold our homes faster because of Josh. We're team Josh and Global Good Real Estate for any future transactions for sure. We know we won't be disappointed.” —Mark and Melissa

“Your Way: The Way. We have had the pleasure of working with Josh on two home purchases and eagerly recommended him to a newlywed couple who subsequently purchased their first home with him as their representative. We could write pages of praise for all that Josh has done from our first phone call to following up on the seller's issues well after he was paid his commission. Josh has been a blessing to our family. With so many great attributes, we boiled our experience down to this. Your Way: The Way. This is how Josh approached our relationship. He found out what we wanted, and he made that his mission. We are delighted to know and recommend Josh Hower to anyone, including our parents! ” —Nadia and Rick

“Working with Josh was a sincere pleasure. I’ve been involved with many Realtors over the years; Josh is simply the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with. Josh and his team did a great job of understanding the market and positioning my home for maximum profit and quick turnaround. My home sold in 2 days at 15% over asking price. Josh is always accessible and gives professional insights to the market while always keeping the clients objectives appropriately in focus. Josh will leverage every resource to make sure the home selling/buying experience is the most successful and stress-free as possible. I would highly recommend Josh to friends and family. He is simply a great person and an excellent Realtor. Hire Josh, you won’t regret it!!" ” —Clark

“Josh is never too busy to listen to a concern and is never hesitant to respond with proactive and positive action. In helping us sell our home Josh demonstrated the ability to anticipate potential problems, which resulted in timely compliance with all administrative requirements. Personally, Josh was empathetic to our stress of selling a home. Josh was concerned with us as people, ensuring our understanding and satisfaction of the process in selling our home, not just viewing us as a means to a transaction. In preparing our house for sale, there were a few items that needed attention. Josh leveraged his extensive network of contractors and was able to get repairs completed in a week instead of a month. Josh worked very closely with the staging and photographer to ensure the best would show through on our home. The listing was beautiful and I believe that this was a contributing factor to the quick sale of our home at above asking. Josh is Relational not Transactional. He focused on the relationship and building trust. Josh and his brokerage helped us and identify the range of value for our home, and what work was needed to achieve what we desired. Josh also developed the understanding that the market determines the sale price. Josh is totally professional and dedicated to your success. Performance underscored by passion for his work. He shows personal involvement with clients, dedicated to accomplishment of your objectives in the sale. Josh is a dedicated, cheerful, and hard-working individual who performs his work in an accurate and enthusiastic manner. Josh's ability to adapt to changes and challenges while performing in a superior manner became quite evident throughout the sale of our home. Josh has an indefatigable spirit that is never wavering. He displays a positive “can-do” attitude that generated enthusiasm throughout the purchase and sale process. Josh, thank you for walking shoulder to shoulder with Tracey and I through the sale of our home. You’re more than a realtor, to us you were a trusted partner, counselor, and advocate for our success. ” —Jim and Tracey

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