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Jason Coté

Jason Coté is an Associate with Accel Realty Partners. His greatest joy in life has come from helping others achieve their own success. Jason is a natural-born leader, constantly striving to make improvements in everything life presents him. Jason is Self-disciplined, confident, and persuasive. He thrives accomplishing and juggling multiple projects at once. ” I’m a dynamic negotiator, an ingenious thinker with great ability in long-range planning, and I have a tenacious drive toward future possibilities.” Jason looks forward to serving your Real Estate Needs.


His positive attitude helped to keep us uplifted and motivated during some difficult decisions.
We worked with Jason to locate an investment property in Boise. First and foremost, he is incredibly dedicated and diligent. We live in Washington State and working with a dedicated agent has been key to making progress at a distance. Jason’s construction knowledge has proven crucial in property evaluation. This coupled with his background as a landlord and investor, positions him as a trusted advisor. Jason is also a lovely human being. His positive attitude helped to keep us uplifted and motivated during some difficult decisions. He worked tirelessly to ensure that we had the best service, arranging a personal meeting with the top inspection company and lobbying for us in a very competitive market. To conclude, Jason is the fourth real estate agent we have worked with in the past 4 years. In my opinion, he is by far the best. Not only we would work with him again, but we would feel confident recommending him to anyone in need.” property investors, Washington

…never pressured us to do more than we wanted to do and his insight was invaluable.
When my mother passed away without a trust or a valid will I was faced with the daunting task of selling her house in probate. My mother lived in her house for 25 years and only did the necessary improvements to the house. It was outdated and unappealing. I interviewed many real estate agents who all had different recommendations. The probate attorney recommended selling “as is “ and to get it “done and over with.” I ultimately went with Jason Coté’s recommendations. Once I decided to go with Jason, he had contractors on the following day with bids on improving the property. He managed all the improvements himself, and I was no longer overwhelmed. Jason knew what areas buyers would look at, and what areas we could leave “as is.” For less than $10,000 of improvements, we were able to ask $35-$40,000 more than what other realtors recommended. In our competitive market, our house showed better than comparable houses in our area! We had several offers immediately and were in escrow within weeks. Jason never pressured us to do more than we wanted to do and his insight was invaluable. ” Meg Schwartz

…not afraid to go hunting for you.
When it comes to finding a home Jason will work like a "bird dog.” We told him what kind of home we were looking for so he went to work, and even knocked on doors of unlisted homes when we gave him addresses of homes we liked. He is not afraid to go hunting for you. ” Rick and Laurie Hulbert

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