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Eve-Marie Bergren

Eve-Marie Bergren is a 25 year resident of Boise’s North End, originally raised in Orinda, California. Bergren loves to share her passion with others for Idaho outdoors and the Boise community. Her hyperlocal knowledge of the area helps familiarize buyers with the various neighborhoods and area highlights.

Bergren holds a BA from Whitman College and an M.F.A. in Fine Arts in painting and critical theory. For several years she taught art and worked as a professional artist until entering real estate in property management. As a successful business owner, she owned and operated Boise’s first Airbnb for 13 years. She grew an organic network of over 5000 guests before selling in 2020. Bergren is a third-generation real estate investor and her family continues to own and operate commercial office spaces. Her creativity and art degree help aspects of real estate – from seeking out-of-the-box solutions, to design solutions, staging, and unique marketing. Negotiation strategies come naturally to her as she is an advocate for her clients and a problem-solver.

Her vibrant personality, commitment to her clients, and business acumen set her apart. Bergren achieved a Boise Regional Realtor Top producer for 2020. When she is not helping clients, she can be found in the mountains in her converted van exploring Idaho’s hiking, camping, mountain biking, stand up paddleboarding, skiing, and touring with her dog and occasionally her 19-year-old college-bound daughter

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““I worked 8 years as a Mortgage Consultant in Boise Idaho. During this time I experienced hundreds of the Treasure Valley's real estate professionals. There is a very short list that I would trust with my own personal transaction and Eve-Marie is right at the top of the list. Eve-Marie recently helped me find my first home after my divorce. She took the time to uncover my deepest motives for the new purchase and that process was instrumental in helping me clarify my needs. When the right house came on the market I knew it was the right house and did not hesitate to make my offer. Eve-Marie combines decades of real estate experience with a creativity and compassion that is truly unique in this industry. Her sole purpose as a Realtor is to connect you with the right home for you and she is a master in her craft. Eve-Marie kept the process on track from start to finish and allowed me to be as hands on or as hands off as I needed to be at every step. She was a mindful advocate and I watched her skillfully open a line of communication with the Seller that I'm still using today as I settle into the new home. People like Eve-Marie and there is huge value in her approach to people, Real Estate, and the world in general.
Thank you, Eve- Marie!”
—Steve Sakadales

““I have known Eve-Marie Bergren since 2010, when I moved Chandi, my custom lighting design studio, from LA to Boise. Since that time, I have gotten to know Eve-Marie well. I have the utmost respect for her work ethic and her management style as a business owner. Over these past years, I have stayed in each suite of the Boise Guest House at least once as a guest. Eve-Marie is meticulous as far as her spaces are concerned and demonstrates integrity in every transaction.

I have watched Eve-Marie develop and expand her business from a pioneer in Boise's Airbnb industry to property management to real estate sales. She is knowledgeable, works to continually educate herself and follows through on all her client's requests.”
—Meredith Clark, Chandi Designs, Boise, ID

““I first met Eve-Marie Bergren on the front porch of what is now the Boise Guest House (BGH). She was knee deep in the renovation process at the time. That project alone speaks volumes about her character and work ethic. What Eve-Marie created with the BGH is absolutely incredible! Her talent and creative edge have really set her apart in the industry. She is so gifted, yet has the ability to collaborate with other trades and small businesses. She manages to not only build herself but her community. I'am continually impressed by her ambition to grow, make effective changes, and pull from other creative resources. Her expertise and vision have proven to be invaluable.”” —Jenicee Woodard, Flaire Furniture, Boise, ID

“, I hear you have a new team member and I felt compelled to write her a letter of recommendation. I met Eve-Marie About 5 years ago when I stayed at the Boise Guest House. Fast forward to today and she now refers to me as one of her best clients. I live in the Sun Valley area and had to travel to Boise for medical reasons weekly. I feel fortunate to have discovered Eve-Marie's guest house. I loved the feeling of coming home to the most charming atmosphere. Upon meeting Eve-Marie, I was immediately drawn to her soft kindness. I could tell she took great pride in her establishment and it shows. I have stayed in each of her suites at least once and I love them all equally. During our new found friendship, I had a couple of emergencies where I left her no notice that I was going to be in town. She always had the same response, again in her soft kind voice, "don't you worry, I will make sure I have a place for you".
Fortunately, today my visits are only for fun and I find myself often wanting to just take the two-hour drive from home to get my city fix and bask in the comforts of the Boise Guest House. I admire what Eve-Marie has brought to the charming downtown area. She really takes pride in what she does and puts 100% into making people feel welcome and comfortable. She is creative beyond words, kind, thoughtful and dedicated. I think her new found passion of real estate is going to make her soar even further. She is such a people person and that "soft kindness" I keep referring to is going to be a very attractive quality to all her future clients. I have no doubt that Eve-Marie is going to be successful and I hope I have the opportunity to recommend her to people looking for a new home in Boise” —Maryellen Donovan, Hailey, ID

““I have had the opportunity to work with Eve Marie for the last 10 years. I have enjoyed collaborating with her on many different projects and spaces. I have loved being apart of and seeing the transformation of the Boise Guest House. She is hard working and inspiring. She is passionate about Boise and her community. She is truly focused on making it a better place to live and to call home. I am excited for her real estate business and to continue to work with her on many more projects to come!”” —Jade Welch, Boise, ID

““Eve-Marie is an innovative and dedicated professional. I have worked with her on various projects over the last 10 years, and her ability to bring her ideas to life always amazes me. She is multi-talented, an incredible designer, a business person, an artist, a bed & breakfast owner and all around good person. Thanks to her congenial personality, she has a large network of friends and colleagues that she can call upon for any projects she needs assistance on. Because of all this, I would definitely recommend Eve-Marie as a realtor.”” —Jennie Jorgensen, Key Design Websites, Boise, ID


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