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Eric Holmes

Eric Holmes is an Associate at Greg Earl Real Estate, powered by Accel. “Dedicated, driven, compassionate, and funny” are just a few traits used by homeowners to describe their experience with Eric. “Eric is not like your typical Realtor,” this is something you will hear moving forward. His experience, professional connections, and knowledge base go deeper than most Realtors out there. Over the course of 5 years, Eric spent his time mastering appliances. With experience as an authorized service tech, custom appliance installer, and finishing as a master sales rep, he offered homeowners a unique buying experience, giving transparency on each brand followed by personal experience, allowing homeowners to know the truth before making a large purchase. This type of buying experience quickly spread throughout the Treasure Valley, placing Eric in high-demand, as his honesty gave homeowners the comfort they were missing elsewhere. Working closely with builders, designers, Realtors, trade associates, and many more, he created personal and professional connections that have benefited 1000’s of homeowners. With Eric now in the real estate industry, those connections are now offered to all his clients, giving them the tools to buy or sell with all resources available. Eric also understands how important a kitchen may be to a future homeowner, so by knowing the ins and outs of every appliance and specializing in brands like SubZero, Wolf, Thermador, Bosch, and more, he can tune in to your wants and needs for a more personal experience.

As stated earlier, “Eric is not like your typical Realtor,” he truly stands behind that. This mindset started after graduating High School in 2004, and seeing a Marine Corps billboard with the saying “Semper Fidelis,” meaning, “Always Faithful.” From there he enlisted in the Marines and spent 8 years serving honorably in the US and Iraq. From day one, 14 leadership traits were embedded in Eric, “Bearing, Courage, Decisiveness, Dependability, Endurance, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Integrity, Judgment, Justice, Knowledge, Loyalty, Tact, and Unselfishness.” These traits have allowed him to excel in every profession he’s been employed with, allowing him to rise quickly in the sales world while staying humble and exceeding everyone’s needs.

When not working, Eric spends his time raising his 4 beautiful children Ryan, Jackson, Aubri and Naomi with his amazing partner Jasmine. But don’t forget the furbabies, Sonya and Bella. Eric is a follower of Christ and truly believes family and god are the key ingredients to any success. Now as cliche as this sounds, his family truly enjoys hiking, spending time in nature, snowmobiling, boating, bowling and anything that challenges his kids to better themselves. They also participate in their local community and local church ministries. Now this is where the statement “Eric is not like your typical Realtor” really kicks in. When his family is asleep or when he finds a free moment, Eric believes knowledge is power. So he spends his remaining time researching homes in the valley, reading ANYTHING that will benefit his clients, or nurturing his relationships with builders, designers, or specialty trades. When buying or selling, he believes it’s critical that your Realtor knows those in the residential housing community. With everyone having different needs and wants, Eric’s humble enough to know he may not always have the answer, so rather than promise and fail, he will utilize all his connections until he finds you the right answer. Another perk Eric offers all his clients is his knowledge base of activities, restaurants and much more. He’s a Swiss Army Knife of information. He understands a fair amount of homeowners are moving in from other states, and truly wants your move to Idaho to feel like Idahome.

Lastly, Eric believes time is the most precious thing we have. That’s why he offers to work harder than any other agent out there to help get your life back to normal. He also understands not all personalities match. So if that is ever the case, he has created a network of agents of all different personalities and backgrounds, and will help assist you in finding the right agent. Your happiness is what truly fuels Eric.

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