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Bonham Kimmell

Bonham Kimmell is a Partner at Accel Realty Partners.  He works with his wife Brandi Kimmell where his exceptional attention to detail is an important asset for each and every one of their clients. Bonham is a networker by nature, with an uncanny ability to make people feel relaxed, particularly when making important and life-changing decisions. He delivers on client needs and is an attentive listener.

Those who have worked with Bonham say he is “caring, compassionate, understanding, and always gets the job done.” He is a nurturer by nature and has a solution for almost any situation. Bonham understands the value of investing in real estate, what makes a certain neighborhood desirable, and the importance of providing information so clients can make the best decision possible. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned seller, he will bring a welcomed energy, education, and integrity to the process.

Bonham considers himself a family man and likes nothing more than spending time with those he is close to.  He grew up in the Boise area and has a background in caregiving. He likes target practice, camping, fishing, biking, and cooking.

Bonham and Brandi use a specific 225-­point marketing plan to guarantee that they can sell homes for the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time. They have been trained and inspired by some of the best in the business such as Dale Carnegie and Tom Ferry. They use their education and experience to proactively address details before they become problems, and most importantly they look forward to helping with your next real estate transaction.



“Bonham is a very hard working young man. I have witnessed him juggle multiple jobs and school.  He has the ability to multi-task and is a keen problem solver. Once he has a goal he works very hard to obtain and achieve it. Anyone who works with him will find him to be a very caring and sincere person, who will go out of his way to help any way he can. I am amazed at his zest for life.” —Kennda Haker


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