Adding Storage to Small Spaces

Adding Storage to Small Spaces

adding storage to small spaces


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We all know the struggle: what do I do with all of my stuff?? Maybe you don’t even have a lot of “stuff”, maybe you just don’t have a lot of space! Either way, these storage hacks will relieve your clutter stress and make your house feel like a home again!

Utilize Your Headboard

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A headboard with drawers and shelves is  MUST-HAVE, especially if you live in a small apartment and have limited closet space or a small dresser. This is a great way to keep clutter hidden, and everything is still easily accessible. You can add some personality with decorative books, flowers, and frames. This is a simple and safe look that will match any bedroom.

Under the Stairs

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The options are endless when you look under the stairs! This is a great place to hide coats, jackets, and shoes. It provides easy access to the kids on their way out the door for school! You can even install shelves to decorate with accents and books. Or if you prefer hidden storage, add cabinet doors and keep the clutter out of sight. This is a stylish, modern, and creative addition that utilizes otherwise-wasted space!

Hidden in the Kitchen

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Easily avoid a kitchen mess with drawers under the benches. Talk about an original kitchen organization idea! Not only do you get a booth in your kitchen, but this is also a great way to hide your less-used kitchen accessories. This is especially a necessity if you don’t have much cabinet space. And an extra perk: the benches create extra seating for guests!

Closet Caddies

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Baskets and caddies are a classic addition to any closet. They organize the would-be mess in a stylish way. You can add a pop of color in the fabrics and texture in the material, a great way to tie the closet in with the rest of the room or hallway. And, hanging caddies allow easy access to linens or shoes. No more digging through piles of chaos to find a clean towel! This is a clever storage hack, especially if you’re on a budget.

Decorative Playroom Cubbies

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If you have young ones running around your home, these playroom cubbies will be a lifesaver for you. It may seem like playrooms are a mess no matter what you do, but this simple, unique organizational hack will finally bring order to the kid’s den. It’s a way to make the playroom feel like a part of the home and not a tornado zone. It’s stylish and still allows your kids easy access to their toys!

Something for Anyone

The best thing about these hacks is that most of them won’t require a big remodel or home project! You can dive in deep and do some serious redesigning if you choose, or you can simply purchase a new headboard, some hooks, or baskets! Take back the space in your home that’s been lost to clutter. Finally, all your belongings can have a home without distracting from yours.

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