9 Popular Ways to Design Your Patio

9 Popular Ways to Design Your Patio

best ways to design your patio


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With summer and warm weather quickly approaching, everyone is anticipating those late nights around the campfire with friends and family. Here are the best ways to make your backyard the go-to for friends and family BBQs and game nights.

Patio Lanterns Fairy Lights

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1. Fairy lights and lanterns are a must have. They add dreamy, subtle light to your patio, perfect for that late summer night ambiance. Also, everyone loves a hammock. It adds such a fun and comfortable touch to your social gatherings. You could even sleep under the stars if you really wanted to! It’s also important to make sure you have lots of available seating for your guests and a coffee table for their snacks and drinks. A beautiful tree adds so much life to your backyard and it adds feeling during every season. And we can’t overlook this gorgeous, sturdy wood deck—a beautiful touch for your modern backyard.

Brick Fireplace Patio

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2. Here’s another beautiful covered deck with high vaulted ceilings. It’s important to utilize all the space that you have on your patio, creating an open area for socializing with all seating facing each other. And this tall, magnificent  brick fireplace is to die for. A ceiling fan is important too, whenever possible. It helps your patio stay cool and not congested on those particularly hot and humid days. This patio also has some careful additions! Like the teal bench, accent pillows, and decor. And don’t forget to consider carefully your patio flooring because it adds so much character to the overall design!

Wisteria Tree Patio

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3. This wisteria tree offers creative and whimsical shading and will be especially beautiful during Spring and Summer. This patio also showcases a variety of cushioned seating, including a couch, bench, and metal chairs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! We also love the symmetrical accent trees on either side of the back door. This beautiful patio also shows it’s okay to simplify too! It’s comfortably lit with simple porch lights on the house.

covered patio with sectional

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4. This modern back patio really packs a punch with its metal, steel, and wood covering and the contrasting colors. The white couch against the black wall is simply luxurious. Sectionals are a great addition to your patio because they’re so comfortable and can seat all your guests. Add some personality with some vibrant throw pillows. This patio even has gorgeous pots to add to the accent. Hanging plants and lights are a creative touch too, adding life to this gorgeous gathering place. And finally, a hanging chair is always a great attraction.

patio with projector

Image credit: @homesteadgardens

5. This backyard is everyone’s dream. A projector and large screen are the epitome of a fun summer night. Use it for movie nights on the deck under fairy lights and lanterns. The floor level sectional is perfect for laying down and watching your movie or stargazing. Everyone seems to love a hammock too! It’s always a great place to nap or read a book. This wooden deck also features some elegant candle holders simple flowers. the surrounding trees will make you and your friends feel like you’re in your own world where nothing else matters except the memories you make.

patio with swings and fire

Image credit: @courtneyungaro_spcaeanddesign

6. The bright and all light colors of this contemporary patio make it feel so open and welcoming. The comfortable swings hanging from the high ceilings are perfect for meditating in the summer sun. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a cloud. The large rug, coffee table, and fireplace add a homey touch. And don’t be afraid to spice up your patio with creative decor like on this patio!

covered patio with bar and pool

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7. This is a common type of patio that is one of the best for any type of event. The covered bar is great for serving drinks and snacks, all with a great view of the pool where you and your guests can enjoy a swim. The stone and granite island with high stools are a classy touch. Once again, the ceiling fan will help keep your guests comfortable. And the soft lighting will make for some moody nights. Just think of all the parties you could host with a backyard like this one!

wooden covered patio with curtains

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8. Here is a classic wooden covering with light curtains that create a dreamy atmosphere. Fairy lights are quite the popularity too! These comfy couches and chairs are perfect for backyard lounging shaded from the sun. This patio is the perfect mix of simplicity, elegance, and the right amount of personality.

pond near back patio

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9. This stocked pond is an especially elegant addition to this shady pavilion backyard. The seating has been carefully place to face the water, the perfect setting for deep conversations with a friend. Gorgeous greenery lines the back of the yard and a stone path wraps around the pond, leading to the pavilion.

Click here to look at this beautiful back patio from the model home at Renovare luxury living in Eagle, Idaho for another stunning backyard pond—also stocked with fish!

There are so many options when it comes to designing your backyard. There’s a perfect fit for every style, budget, and location. Pick your favorite examples from above and make your patio a place for unforgettable memories to be made. Or, find a new home through Accel Realty Partners that already has your dream patio in place!

Click here to read more about popular home styles in 2019, including front porches and back patios. And find these home styles in Idaho! And click here for some interior designing ideas for your home.

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