6 Home Trends to Try in 2018

6 Home Trends to Try in 2018

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New Home Style Trends You’ll Want Right Now!

Retro Furniture

When it comes to decorating your home with nostalgic furniture, the more retro – the better! Vintage pieces make for amazing statement storage spaces that your house guests will want to know about. Check thrift stores, consignment stores, yard sales and estate sales to find those hidden treasures that can give any room in your home that sought-after retro vibe!

Gallery Wall

You don’t need a giant piece of art to fill a big empty wall! Gallery walls are a great way to fill any open wall space in your some, whether with smaller framed pieces of art, family photos, or framed keepsakes that you want to show off. Try creating a gallery wall on an unexpected space, like the open side of a staircase or your guest bathroom. You can create a cohesive look with matching frames, or create a more eclectic look with mismatch materials and sizes of frames.


The great thing about recycling items for home decor is that it’s not only good for the planet, but it’s super budget friendly! Repurposing containers to hold kitchen utensils, or up-cycling old storage containers to creatively store bathroom products is smart and ultra inexpensive!

Floral Prints & Jewel Tones

Not only are bold floral prints in for 2018, but prints in rich jewel tones are making a huge statement this year as well. Set curtains, furniture, or throw pillows in floral or jewel tones against neutral palettes allowing the statement print to pop! Try something bold and brave for shower curtains, duvet covers, or area rugs. Need inspiration? Check out the official 2018 Sherwin-Williams color of the year!

Live (or not) Plants

Ok, not everyone has a green thumb. Some of us have a hard enough time keeping fake plants alive, and that’s ok!  Whether you use live or fake plants, they’ll lift the vibe of any room you keep them in! Plants, and lots of them, are a huge trend this year. Try growing your own herbs in the kitchen for super fresh ingredients! Keeping fresh plants in your home will make your air quality fresher, and make your rooms feel inviting and refreshing all year round.

Black & White

To juxtapose the bold floral and jewel tone trends this year, black and white everything is coming in strong for 2018. From dishes to hand towels, black and white is a bold statement choice for decorating your home. Don’t want to commit to too much B&W? Try focussing the classic decor in a small bathroom or guest bedroom to see how you like it! 2018 kitchen trends are perfect for adding these black and white accents! 

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