5 Things to do BEFORE Listing a Home in Idaho

5 Things to do BEFORE Listing a Home in Idaho

Real Estate Purchase Checklist


These 5 Things Will Make Your Home Selling Process Much Easier!

#1 Find Your Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent can seem overwhelming if you have never done it before. A lot of homeowners would rather list their home as For Sale By Owner, hoping to avoid hiring an agent, and in turn, pocketing more money at the end of their transaction. Unfortunately, the opposite usually occurs, with the homeowner losing out on getting the best price for their home. Finding a knowledgeable and efficient agent can save you a ton of money, stress, and time. But don’t just hire the first agent who slips a flyer in your mailbox! Shop around, interview agents from different companies, and make sure that you hire the agent that fits your needs!

#2 Spruce Things Up

Making the inside and outside of your home welcoming and aesthetically pleasing is super important when deciding to list your home. The first thing those prospective buyers will see, in-person and online, is the front of your house. Clean up the yard, plant some colorful flowers, make sure that personal items and debris are removed from the front porch. The curb appeal of your home can make or break a buyers interest in wanting to see more of the property. For the inside of your home, declutter as much as you can! Clear off tabletops, counter spaces, and windowsills. Take this opportunity to box up everything that you don’t need on a daily basis so that when it comes time to move, half the work is already done!

#3 Don’t Get Personal

Depersonalizing your home might feel strange. Removing family photos off the wall, your child’s art off of the fridge, your collection of ceramic roosters. It probably won’t feel like your home when you’re done depersonalizing it, but that’s the point! You want to create space where a buyer can come in and picture their personal belongings around the home. Having a giant decal of your child’s name on their bedroom wall makes it harder for a buyer to picture their things in that room. If you love the color yellow and have your bedroom, bathroom and office painted bright and cheery, it might put a buyer off knowing that they will have to repaint, especially if they really dislike that color. You’ll be better off repainting any personalized accent walls with a nice neutral tone so that a buyer can envision their favorite colors on those walls. Click here for more info about why staging your home with a professional really pays off!

#4 Does It Smell In Here?

Living in your home every single day makes it harder to detect whether there are any odors in the home that might be off-putting to a potential buyer. Invite a friend or family member over that doesn’t spend a ton of time at your house and ask them to sniff out any unappealing smells such as pet or kitchen odors. You might consider cleaning the carpets before going on the market since having the carpets cleaned professionally will generally be a requirement for completing the sale of your home. This can help eliminate any unwanted carpet smells and will add to the overall cleanliness of your home. Having a professional cleaning company in to make everything shiny and spotless is a great idea before having your professional pictures taken. The cleaner your home is in the beginning, the easier it will be to keep clean until it sells!

#5 Small Things Matter

Taking care of the little things now, before you’re asked to by a potential buyer, is going to save a ton of time and stress. Touch up any scuff marks on walls, baseboards, and cupboards. Replace any indoor or outdoor lightbulbs that have burnt out. Tighten any loose handles on drawers, sink faucets, or doors. Taking care of these little things will show a buyer that the home has been well maintained and the less that they have to worry about being fixed, the more likely they will be to want to write an offer on your home ASAP!

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