5 Reasons To Stage Your Home

5 Reasons To Stage Your Home

5 Reasons to Stage your idaho home living house solar Modern Elegance Living Room


Staging Your Idaho Home Makes A BIG Difference


#1 De-Personalizing Is Attractive To Buyers

By removing all of your personal items, you are helping potential buyers see themselves in the home. It’s hard for a buyer to see walls of your family photos, your kids drawings on the fridge, or your ceramic rooster collection, and picture themselves and their belongings living in the space. Think about if you were moving to Idaho, what would you want. You want to create a neutral pallet that will make it easy for a buyer to envision the property as a good fit for their family and their things. By de-personalizing, you increase the likelihood of selling your home, as a potential buyer has an easier time seeing the space as THEIR home, rather than YOUR home.


#2 Get a Jumpstart On Your Packing

You’re going to have to pack eventually, right? Why not get it out of the way?! First of all, it will make your move so much easier when you sell your home. With all of your personal and decorative items already boxed up, all you have to do is move them from one house to the next. It might seem overwhelming packing your things while you’re still living in your home, but come moving day it will make your life ten times easier, and you’ll be thankful you packed up early! Second, if packing your home early will increase the chances of selling your home more quickly, then what are you waiting for! Refer back to reason #1 – de-cluttering and de-personalizing will help sell your home, so why not start now?!


#3 You’ll Spend A Little To Get A Lot


The idea of spending money to make money is easier to say than it is to do. Sellers might worry that spending the money to stage their home won’t pay off in the end. However, statistics show that professionally staged homes sell for around 10% more than unstaged homes. There are even professional staging companies that will use your furniture and decorations to stage the home, which generally costs less than a stager bringing in all new stuff. But, if your goal is to sell fast and for top dollar, having your home professionally staged is going to be worth every penny!


#4 First Impressions Are Important

By professionally staging your home, you are creating a property that will photograph better, show better, and will be on the top of a buyer’s stack of homes to look at. All resulting in the ultimate goal of selling you home fast! A home with clean and attractive photos will have a better online presence, and will most likely be one of the first homes a buyer will want to check out. If you are looking to sell a home, there are five things you should do. A buyer’s agent will agree that taking the time to go look at a well presented and cared for home is worth the buyer’s time.


#5 Peace Of Mind

One of the best parts of staging your home is that you can RELAX! Knowing that your home looks lovely, well maintained, clean, and welcoming will give you tons confidence in showing it. View our listings that are staged. Not having to worry about strangers walking through your home, looking at all of your personal items, and knowing that they will be able to see themselves living there can take a huge weight off your shoulders when it’s show time. Having most of your personal items already packed will be a big relief come moving time, and knowing that you took the time and made the effort to get the most out of your home will feel great!


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