5 Easy Tips for Selling in the Summer

5 Easy Tips for Selling in the Summer

Easy Tips for Selling in the Summer Sunglasses


Summertime is the RIGHT Time to Sell!


#1 Let the Light Shine In!

Take advantage of these long summer days! Keeping your home open and bright during showings will help the home feel and look more spacious. Keep your blinds open during the day, letting the light shine in and showcasing the natural light opportunities in the home. But, be careful not to let it get to warm inside! Keep the thermostat at a cool enough temperature that the inside won’t feel like the outside when potential buyers walk through the front door. The more comfortable the temperature is inside, the longer buyers will stay in the home considering the space. 


#2 Summer Treats to Sweeten the Deal

While it isn’t necessary, leaving snacks and beverages during open houses can make your home more memorable for potential buyers coming through. Baking cookies is great for the fall and winter months, but what about summertime snacks? Travel friendly snakes are perfect on a hot day. This way, even if people are going from open house to open house, they’ll have something from your home to take with them the rest of the day. Set out individual bags of chips or trail mix and don’t forget COLD bottles of water!


#3 Summertime Curb Appeal

One of the benefits of selling your home during the summer is that Mother Nature is on your side when it comes to curb appeal. There is only so much you can do in the winter when nothing is growing or there’s snow on the ground. In the summer, your options for elevating curb appeal are endless! Make sure that the grass stays cut and watered. Put out potted plants on the front porch to add life and color to the entryway. Giving your front door a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to give your home a little facelift right before going on the market. Click here for more tips on preparing your home to list.


#4 Get Ready to Sell!

In the current Treasure Valley market, homes are selling quickly! Getting your home ready to list is easier in the summer for a few reasons. Decluttering your home is much easier as closets can be cleared out and bulky winter items can be stored away. Carpet cleaning, painting, and other home maintenance is much easier in warm weather as well. Getting any exterior issues fixed before going on the market is a breeze in summer compared to trying to get things done in the winter. Take advantage of warm summer weather!


#5 Experience is Priceless

Having an experienced real estate agent will make all the difference in the world when it comes to selling your home in the summertime market. Not only will a seasoned agent know exactly what to price your home for, they will be extremely proactive when it comes to marketing your property and holding open houses. Homes are going fast, and you’re going to want an experienced agent by your side. Click here to meet all of our amazing agents! Accel Realty Partners is ready to help!

Looking for something fun to do with all the free time you’ll have while your Accel agent takes care of selling your home? Click here to check out some favorite Boise summer activities!

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