2020 Christmas Home Decor Trends

2020 Christmas Home Decor Trends


Decorating for Christmas is a favorite tradition for many families! Every year, many things stay the same, such as the tree, and stockings, and ornaments. But it’s always fun to add some new things to the mix and make Christmas in your home feel special each year. These are some of my favorite Christmas decorating trends for 2020.

DIY Pinecone Garland

This is a super simple way to bring some simplistic, boho style into your home this Christmas. The pinecones will match any home interior! Pinecones were always one of my favorite things to add to our tree growing up, and this is a fun way to spice it up.

Garland on the Stairs

This one is a classic. Lacing a garland through your handrail is one of the simplest ways to add some Christmas spirit to the small corners of your home. I especially love how this piece drapes all the way to the floor at the bottom.

Blanket Ladder

What better way to create a cozy corner than with a blanket ladder? ‘Tis the season of cuddling up on the couch and drinking some hot chocolate. Now your fuzzy blankets can be within reach while adding some Christmas flare to your home when not in use.

Garland on the Mantel

This is another timeless piece. Since the mantel is one of the main centerpieces in your living room, it’s important to not forget to decorate it! The garland draping over the sides is an easy way to add a Christmas touch to your home. I also love how this home added some miniature gold trees to the mantel as well.

Hanging Branch Wall Piece

This is a really popular trend for Christmas 2020 minimalist homes! A beautiful and simple branch to add to a blank wall in your home. Hang it above a table or a desk as a festive accent. And don’t be afraid to add a lil more spice with some dangling ornaments or candies.

There’s something special in the air at home this time of year. What better way to welcome the Season than with these trendy Christmas decorations?

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