2019’s 5 Most Popular Exterior Home Styles

2019’s 5 Most Popular Exterior Home Styles

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The most popular exterior photos up now in 2019 reveal a broad mix of architectural styles. Inviting porches, mixed-materials, and appealing garage doors won’t fail to attract buyers.

1. Front Porches 

front porch 2019 style home

Image credit: @myindianafarmhouse

The nostalgia of sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch captivates home buyers and builders. A large comfortable porch is one of the most popular touches in 2019.

The lack of fencing on this porch creates a very open and welcoming feel. The symmetrical windows and supporting columns are visually appealing along with the contrasting colors of the chairs and front door. It’s important to have sitting space on your porch where you and guests can converse while watching the sunset.

2. Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse

Image credit: @jettsetfarmhouse

Contemporary farmhouse style continues its trend in 2019, evident in this rustically modern home. The design combines traditional farmhouse architectural features such as gabled rooflines, board-and-batten siding and standing seam metal porch roofs using modern crisp and contrasting color palettes, open floor plans, and modern touches.

This striking home was built with gratifying amounts of farmhouse architecture—a barn-like wing, a breezeway, a front porch, and a series of gables. The diverse roofline, mix of board and batten, clapboard, timber corbels, stained wood garage doors contrasting to the rest of the house, and modest windows all add to it’s southern charm.

3. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Image credit: Leverage Global Partners

In addition to the front porch, the concept of indoor-outdoor living is just as important in the rear exterior. This extravagant home has a large back porch and large sliding-glass doors that create a seamless flow between indoors and out.

Wide openings ease indoor-outdoor living and provide grand views and access to the patio and pool. Floor to ceiling windows are a must, as they allow light to easily flow in from the outside and they beautifully connect the home to the back porch. Additionally, an expansive covered deck offers shade and creates a comfortable and relaxed vibe in the backyard.

Don’t forget to include vast windows or a balcony on the second floor that offer easy access to the beautiful view.

4. Mixed Materials

The contrasting colors of this beautiful modern home really make it stand out. Different types of stone and wood accentuate the coveted touches on this contemporary summer home. The floor to ceiling windows provide a pristine view of the back deck and luxurious pool. Even the concrete patio complements the rest of the house. This lavish home also features painted wood cladding under the covered deck—an elegant touch that we can’t overlook. And bringing the whole thing together, the sharp clean lines emphasize the beautiful architecture.

5. Glass Garage Doors

glass garage door

Image credit: @housegagnon

The garage door can really make or break the exterior of your home, yet it’s so easily overlooked. Let your garage be the finishing touch that really completes your home and convinces buyers to seal the deal. This is another, newly-renovated, modern farmhouse with the added touch of glass garage doors.

When the garage doors take up a good amount of the face of your home, it’s crucial that they be attractive. A grid layout of opaque glass does the trick. It gives the home it’s lasting classy and modern look.

Anyone wants their home to be the most popular style on the street! Contact and Accel agent to find any of these style homes in the Treasure Valley. Click here to find the top 5 home styles you can find in Boise.

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